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How To Find Eligible Property To Invest In Turkey

How To Find Eligible Property To Invest In Turkey

Turkey real estate market is great to invest because of many reasons. A strong economy, a big domestic market, an export market, tourism, high education levels, productive and cheap labor force and much more… If you have decided to invest in Turkish properties, probably now you are wondering how you can find the property eligible for you. There are a few ways you can find cheap property in Turkey that you can make sure is trustworthy and suited to you.

The first step is deciding the city you wish to invest in. This could take a while because Turkey has a lot of cities with different markets and investment opportunities. The next step would be determining your budget. There is an investment for any budget in Turkey. Even if you have only 10.000$ you can make a highly profitable investment. For example, you can buy a small house near the city and use it as a weekend house. Lately, people have been going to small houses covered by forests to relax. This is a new way of investment. If you are informed about the things people have been preferring lately, you can make reasonable investments.

After you figured out what's your budget you can start searching.


1. Through A Real Estate Agent

This option is probably what you already considered to do. If you are present in Turkey you can go property hunting with your real estate agent. This way you will see your investment and its environment. And your real estate agent will already eliminate the ones that do not satisfy your expectations. The downside of this would be the money you pay for them.

2. Online Websites

These websites will show you various options to choose from. You can determine your criteria to narrow your search. This option is great for investors that can not come to Turkey to search for an investment. These websites show a lot of cities and they contain different types of investments like summer houses, city center apartments or big villas. Those websites will be good for your research and they will give you the general idea about the price range.

3. Online Consultant

Just like websites, these online consultants will help you choose an investment. You can ask what was on your mind and even ask them for help to narrow your search.

4. Due Diligence

Due Diligence is a process you go through before you buy a property in Turkey. With due diligence reports, you will find out if there are any inconsistencies between the plan of the building and the actual building. Turkish people generally very trustworthy but you would not want to leave it to chance.  

Because Turkey has been a favorite by the investors, just last year people have made millions of dollars profit. Turkey's real estate market changes very quickly and the prices are going up lately. But properties are still very accessible for foreign investors.

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