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How Does Turkish Citizenship Application Process Work?

How Does Turkish Citizenship Application Process Work?

You can access the procedures and details about the Turkish citizenship application process and how to obtain Turkish citizenship. Rules for Turkish citizenship are organized under the laws of the Republic of Turkey. For this reason, you should carefully monitor any changes to the law.

If you wish to reside longer than your visa to come to Turkey, you must obtain permission to reside or work. In this way, you will realize the first step of becoming a Turkish citizen.

To become a Turkish citizen, you must meet certain conditions.


How to Become a Turkish Citizen

You can reach the details of Turkish citizenship application process in the articleAccording to the amendment published in the Official Gazette in 2018, the conditions for becoming a Turkish citizen have become easier.

You can gain Turkish citizenship by means of marriage, residence, business establishment. If you want to achieve for a long time if you plan to live in Turkey and citizenship can be found in our article on the application requirements.

After you meet the requirements for Turkish citizenship, you can become a Turkish citizen with the citizenship rights of your own nation.

The conditions for becoming a Turkish citizen are detailed below:

  • According to the laws of the country where you were born, you must be adult age.
  • You must have lived in the territory of Turkey for 5 years. (Longer than 6 months to be valid in this case Turkey during which you should not leave.)
  • If you are married with a Turkish citizen, or, even if your parents are foreign and you were born in the territory of Turkey, this situation is valid for 3 years.
  • There should be no problems in your physical and mental health.
  • If you have a criminal record, your application for Turkish citizenship is not accepted.
  • Being able to speak Turkish will give you an advantage when applying for citizenship. You must have at least a basic knowledge of Turkish.
  • If you're single, you have to prove that you have enough income for yourself for living in Turkey as a citizen. You can declare that you have a job and that you are earning income. If you do not have a job, you can declare your current payments.
  • In addition, if you work in an area where you can contribute to Turkish culture and heritage (such as athletes, scientists, professors, etc.), your chances of acquiring Turkish citizenship will increase significantly.
  • You should be able to speak Turkish at a good level. You are also obliged to prove this.

If you are a Turkish citizen through marriage, you must prove that you live in the same house. If you divorce after being married for 3 years, there will be no problems with your Turkish citizenship.

If you have born in Turkey, but any of your parents are not Turkish citizenship, you do not have the right to be Turkish citizens.

How can I Apply for Turkish Citizenship?

After performing all the necessary procedures in the country you were born in, you can initiate the Turkish citizenship application process.

In order to apply for Turkish citizenship, you can apply to the municipality building after obtaining the following documents.

  • Your passport document valid in the year you apply,
  •  4 passport size photographs,
  • A health report showing that you are mentally and physically healthy,
  •  If you have a spouse or child, a document that may provide evidence of your relationship with them.

You can obtain your application form from the municipality building where you will go with the documents listed above. Once you have provided all your documents, you will have to pay a fee to apply. After this stage, your applications will be reviewed by the Ministry of Interior and approval procedures will be initiated.

Turkish consulate that you have applied in the first phase, located in Turkey sends a letter stating your case, contact the consulate turkey. You will then be notified of the results via e-mail.

General Ways to become a Turkish Citizen

According to the law covering Turkish citizenship, you can become a Turkish citizen in 4 ways:

  • General Acquisition: A foreigner can acquire Turkish citizenship provided that he/she meets the requirements of being a Turkish nationality defined by Turkish law.
  • Exceptional Acquisition: This investment brought to Turkey or other economic benefits about cultural activities like sports, art, and music and so on. As can be in various formats.
  • Rein heritance of Turkish Citizenship: The Turkish Citizenship Law provides for persons who have lost their citizenship the right to apply for re-takeover. The applicants may regain their Turkish citizenship provided that there is no obstacle to Turkish national security and that some other requirements defined by Turkish law are met.
  • Marriage Acquisition: A Turkish citizen who has been married for at least 3 years and whose marriage continues, can apply for the acquisition of Turkish citizenship. On the other hand, if you have married with a Turkish citizen, you cannot earn the Turkish citizenship right after marriage.
  • A person who fulfills the above conditions does not automatically acquire Turkish citizenship. It can only be a citizen after the assessment of the relevant Turkish authorities.

Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship

It is possible to acquire Turkish citizenship through investment. There are several ways to achieve this.

– If you purchase a property at least 250,000 dollars’ worth of borders in Turkey, you can initiate your Turkish citizenship application process.

– If you have at least 500,000 dollar deposits, keeping the money in a bank located within the borders of Turkey for 3 years, you can simplify your gaining Turkish citizenship.

– You can obtain Turkish citizenship if you invest in the same value as your 500000 Dollars deposit account.

– If you establish a business and create employment for 50 people, you can obtain Turkish citizenship.

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