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How does normalization proceeding in Turkey

How does normalization proceeding in Turkey

The procedure of normalization plan in Turkey after the pandemic Covid-19.

Almost whole world and economies affected from outbreak of Covid-19 and planning to the normalization procedure. Corona Virus affected Turkey with serious numbers in the beginning, but Turkey controlled the pandemic situation gradually and the confirmed cases went down with noticeable numbers day by day. The quarantine in Turkey was in a way control the pandemic and the people very well, where we can observe from the numbers that the quarantine went well in Turkey.

The domestic flights and the journey between the cities were closed for more than two months, international flights were closed too. This step was very important to take for controlling the pandemic situation. Where every weekend there was quarantine, there was ban for who are above 65 and below 20.

The first step of normalization plan.

Now Turkey is on the normalization procedure where almost all of the bans are having been removed and the domestic flights has been started. International flights are planned to start on July to less than 20 countries and increasing to fly to more countries gradually where by September the international flights will reach to more than 100 countries. Turkish Airlines made some strict actions because of Covid-19.

The restaurants, cafes, shopping malls and social areas has been opened after closing for more than 3 months due to Covid-19.

Affection of Covid-19 to all sectors in the world.

Covid-19 affected all the sectors around the world such as brand companies, touristic countries and airplane companies as well as the real estate market, before the pandemic Covid-19 the market of real estate was increasing but due to the bans the was slow than usual and even on that time there was online sales where investors took advantage of the time and invested from their home. As the international travelling restrictions are planned to be cancelled the investors and those who are interested for the citizenship is a chance to come to Turkey and invest or buy a home. Turkish citizens around the world affected from Covid-19 was brought back to Turkey and treated by the government which makes the Turkish citizenship one of the best passports in the world. To get Turkish citizenship you can buy or invest in real estate cost of 250K USD.

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