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How to Get Turkish Citizenship by Buying House?

How to Get Turkish Citizenship by Buying House?

Turkey has become an immigrant receiving country in last few years due to its increasing economic, social, educational capacities. Thus, becoming a Turkish citizen is an opportunity for the investors, students, workers and for anyone who wants to use the benefits of country’s capacities. This article mentions about the rules and ways to get Turkish citizenship.


Turkish Citizenship Through Property Investment

The minimum investment limit to get Turkish citizenship through property investment is $250.000. Foreigners can get Turkish citizenship through buying houses, lands and offices worth of at least minimum amount. The amount was reduced to $250.000 from $1.000.000 with an adjustment made in 2018. Thus, this is a good time for investors to both make investment and to get Turkish citizenship easily. But it is not allowed to sell the properties for at least three years for the foreigner who want to get Turkish citizenship by buying house.

How to be a Turkish Citizen?

There are two main ways to acquire Turkish citizenship. Here is the guide on how to get Turkish citizenship:

Way to Get Turkish Citizenship by Birth?

If a baby is born from a Turkish mother or father, the baby has the right to get Turkish citizenship. Citizenship can also be acquired through birthplace; if a baby whose parents are unknown or stateless, is born in Turkey, the baby can get Turkish citizenship with the application of the parents.

How To Get Turkish Citizenship Through Application?

The second way to get Turkish citizenship is through applying the state offices by meeting criteria. There are eight main criteria that has to be met by the candidates. 

Here is the 8 criteria:

Being an Adult

The person must be an adult according to its own country’s constitution in the date he or she applies for citizenship. If the person is stateless, the person must be adult according to the Turkish constitution.

Live in Turkey

 The person must have been living in the Turkey for at least five years in the application date.

Show Intention to Live in Turkey

The person must prove his/her intention to live in Turkey by meeting some conditions. These are; e making property investment, making capital investment, buying state bonds, establishing business, working regularly in Turkey and marriage with a Turkish citizen.


The applicant must not have health conditions that endanger society such as serious contagious diseases.


Applicant must have good morality, must be a trustable person and mustn’t have bad addictions. This requires a clean judicial record.

Speaking Turkish

 The applicant has to be able to speak Turkish in a necessary and desired level to get Turkish citizenship.

Economic Capacity

 Applicant must have the economic capacity or a job to take care of himself/herself and his/her family and shows he or she won’t need expect any economic support from the state.

Not to be a Threat

 The applicant mustn’t be a threat to Turkish national security and social order. This means he or she mustn’t involve in actions or mustn’t be member of groups that endangers society.

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