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How Can You Get Citizenship In Turkey With Investment?

How Can You Get Citizenship In Turkey With Investment?

In the past two decades, Turkey's conditions have evolved, making it significant global influence in all sectors. Be it business, tourism, investment, or ex-pat living; the country has emerged as a successful one. This evolution and development are prime reasons for foreigners moving to this country to set up their new businesses. The migration and settlement of the foreign blood are increasing the demand for citizenship turkey investment as well. Each person wants to hold the country's citizenship so that they can enjoy all those benefits that a Turk receives.  


What is the benefit of seeking citizenship in Turkey Investment?

There are several advantages to having Turkish citizenship. It includes the following:

  • Attain the legal right to vote and work freely in the country.
  • Elimination of permit required to be a resident of Turkey.
  • Payment for social security, in terms of health as well as pension benefits.

Thus, on the whole, it can be said that once you are a citizen of Turkey, you will be allowed to exercise several benefits, which will save your time as well as money. To make things better for foreigners, the Turkish government has put forth specific new rules which allow a person to live or holding a business in Turkey to apply for citizenship. There are numerous methods apart from citizenship turkey investment, discussed in this article in greater detail. Apart from adoption and exceptional cases, a person can choose for any of these sets to get citizenship in Turkey.

  • Getting married to a Turkish Citizen

Though tricky, it the most comfortable means of getting Turkish citizenship. You can apply for citizenship if you have been married to a Turk for three years now. However, you need to prove that you have been living together unless there is any strong reason like force majeure. The couple's activities are assessed thoroughly, ensuring there is no such case of pretending or illegal activity.  Also, the person applying for citizenship should not be a threat to society. If you are getting divorced after marriage, you will be allowed to keep the citizenship.

  • Being a resident for a long time

The next option to seek citizenship is by residing in Turkey for more than five years. Your record should also say that you had not left the country for a period exceeding six months during the entire period of five years. Next, you need to have a clean health bill with proper knowledge of the language, Turkish. You need to show a severe motive behind staying in this country and not be harmful to society.  

  • In the case of ancestry

This method refers to citizenship rights based on the concept of lineage instead of a place of birth. If either of the parents is Turkish, the person gains the Turkish citizenship automatically. It hardly matters where the person was born. This type of case is commonly observed in the Turkish Cypriots who live in North Cyprus.

Alternative to these options- Citizenship Turkey investment

Well, yes! If you cannot see yourself fitting in any of these criteria, it is high time you opt for citizenship turkey investment. A regulation has been passed by the government, which clearly states this newly amended law. According to this regulation, if any of the foreigners can meet the State's investment options:

  • Invested 250,000 $ or more in a property.
  • Found/Started or bought a company with 500,000 $ fixed capital
  • Deposited 500,000 $ or more state banks or any other financial institutions operated in Turkey without withdrawing such amount for a minimum of three years.

If a person has done any of the following, he/she will be allowed to seek Turkish citizenship for themselves and their families.

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