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Genesis 1 Bursa project is rising in Bursa, Turkey’s favorite city!

Genesis 1 Bursa project is rising in Bursa, Turkey’s favorite city!

In Genesis 1, civilization and being the capital of the Ottoman Empire and shape our history of being hosted names that cultural wealth, health tourism guiding healing waters spas, automotive, and textiles including the contribution to the industry that offers a country, green, blue and imposing Bursa Uludag is placed in the most advantageous location.

Although times have changed, our most basic desire that has not changed is a peaceful life. The speed brought by technology, the noise in the hustle and bustle of the city and the fast pace of work, along with the common thing that we all want when we complete the day and go home, is serenity!

Genesis 1, developed by PropertyTR and Reva Investment, which have been providing real estate investment consultancy abroad for many years, together with Plus Zen Construction, invites you to live the life you miss and dream of in one of the most generous locations of nature, away from the noise and chaos of our time.

Genesis 1 Bursa

Genesis 1 Bursa


Why Bursa?

Being a geographically advantageous city,

Providing ease of crossing to Istanbul by ferry,

Cultural tourism is alive every season,

The fact that health tourism is alive every season,

The fact that faith tourism is alive every season,

Winter tourism is alive with the presence of Uludag,

Being an industrial city,

It appeals to the taste buds with its rich cuisine,

Thanks to its many more features, such as being a livable city in all seasons with its yesil, nature and sea, Bursa is located among the most ideal cities to live in

Genesis 1 is located in the Akçalar neighborhood of Nilüfer district, one of the most favorite districts of this unique geography…


The sea is an indispensable part of summer holidays. Genesis 1 puts the sea under your feet and saves you from the trouble of traveling for many miles. Bursa with its azure waters and beautiful beaches from one to another…

Do you want to go skiing for the winter holidays? Of course, yes. Go miles and miles? Never!

Uludag is right next to you…

If you like hot water as much as cool Dec and are looking for a hot spring vacation, Genesis 1 saves you from the trouble of searching for a city again and brings hot water to your feet…

Bursa, which welcomes campers and travelers, extreme sports enthusiasts with its beautiful geographical formations such as canyons and waterfalls, is a location that offers unlimited options for your weekend activities…

Bursa is the most favorite city for those who are looking for both a quiet nature life and a lively city life, not only with holidays and nature trails, but also with cultural and social events, festivals and fairs…


Genesis 1, built in Akçalar neighborhood in Nilüfer district of Bursa, which offers you unlimited opportunities for your holiday organizations and weekend activities, offers you a comfortable and relaxed life where you will relieve work stress in your routine life and find peace and tranquility.

Genesis 1 Bursa

Genesis 1 Bursa

Free, innovative, boutique life…

40 apartments, 4 offices, 4 shops,
1+1,1+1 Duplex 2+1 and 2+1 duplex apartments,
Modern and convenient apartments,
Walking distance to cafes, restaurants and markets,
Guzelyali Ferry port is 26 km away,
Bursa city center is 17 km away,

Genesis 1 beckons you with quality living spaces to live the life you desire…


Genesis 1, which leaves peace, comfort and boutique life in your arms, offers you perfect, safe structures so that you don’t have any difficulties in your new life…
Beamed flooring system
Rainwater drainage by drainage system,
Landscape architecture and special landscaping (camellia system)
night vision IP camera system that can record 24/7
Encrypted block entrance door
70′ PVC joinery colored windows,
Suspended ceiling made of gypsum board,
Steel doors that comply with high safety standards,
Common switchboard and dish antenna for TV satellite broadcasting,
Satellite TV outlets in the living room and rooms,
Video intercom system,
Internet infrastructure,
Individual heating and underfloor heating with combi boiler,
Mebran interior doors,
Acrylic-mebran kitchen cabinets,
Laminate flooring in the living room and rooms,
Ceramic wet floor,
Kitchen countertops and countertops,
Bundling under the foundation against waterproofing,
Bathroom and kitchen faucets,
Decorative plaster with carbon fiber eps on the exterior,

Genesis 1, where all the details are considered to create a quality and comfortable living space, meets you as the most advantageous and favorite project of the location…


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