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FAQ about HES Code in Turkey

FAQ about HES Code in Turkey


What is the HES (life fits home) Code?

The HES (life fits Home) code is a code that allows you to safely share whether you carry any risk of Covid-19 disease.

You must submit this code to institutions and persons so that you can perform transactions such as transportation or visits within the scope of controlled social life.

HES code on flights

As part of the measures of the Ministry of health, you must submit the HES code for your safety on all domestic flights.

Your HES Code, which you will create yourself and share with airline company at the time of ticket purchase and flight registration (check-in), at certain intervals, you will be questioned through the services of the Ministry of Health to check whether there is an obstacle to your participation in the flight.

What does the HES code do?

The HES code helps you to show that you do not carry any risk in terms of Covid-19 in the use of public transport, intercity journeys, entrances to institutions and public spaces that require individual communication, and to participate in a safely controlled social life.

Purpose of using HES code in air travel

The use of the HES code on all domestic flights prevents people who have been exposed to Covid-19 disease or have come into contact with patients from participating in public transport flights and to make sure you dont have any disease if you are going to public places such as shopping malls etc.

Where to get HES code?

You can get HES code from 3 different places:

  • Life Fits Home Mobile App
  • SMS
  • E-government

Generating and querying HES code via mobile app

  • Download the life fits Home app on your smartphones.
  • Enter the” HES code Operations ” Section.
  • Click the” Create HES Code ” button and create your HES code by selecting the code usage time.
  • Enter the” query HES Code ” field to query anyone by typing the HES code and see if they are at risk.
  • From the” My HES codes ” field, list the codes you created earlier and show The Square code in this field where you are requested.


Creating and querying HES code via SMS

Blue Card and foreign identity ( how to get the HES code via SMS for people who have ID numbers starting with 97, 98, 99)

  • Enter the message section of your phone.
  • Type HES and leave spaces in between, respectively; C. Type the ID Number, year of birth, and share time (as the number of days).
  • Send SMS to 2023.

How to get HES code for foreign nationals?

  • Enter the message section of your phone.
  • Enter HES and enter nationality, passport Serial Number, year of birth, last name, respectively, leaving a space between them.
  • Send SMS to 2023.


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