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Kuşadası’s best swimming beaches

Kuşadası’s best swimming beaches


Kuşadası’s best swimming beaches

You will go to Kuşadası for summer holiday or you have a summer house in Kuşadası. If you find a beach to swim, you may decide to buy a property in Kuşadası because of the beautiful nature in this cute town.

How are the beaches in Kuşadası? How many clean beaches are there in Kuşadası? Which are the most beautiful beaches in Kuşadası? If you are looking for the answers of these questions , this article is just for you.

In Kuşadası all the beaches are free of charge. The list of most beautiful beaches in Kuşadası are below.

1-Ladies Beach:

Ladies Beach is the most popular and preferential beach in Kuşadası. Ladies Beach is very close to the center of Kuşadası. The coast of Ladies Beach is 1 km long and the most preferential beach for its clean sea. In this beach mats, umbrellas, changing rooms, showers and toilets are supplied by municipality. In addition you can find sunbed and umbrella for rent. There are special parts in the beach and umbrella, sunbed is for rent in these special parts of the beach. Near the beach there are shopping stores, restaurants, cafes and hotels. You can go to Ladies Beach from the center of the town on foot in 20 minutes and by car or minibus in 5 minutes.


Any there are many property developers if you would like to be around there

2-Kuşadası Public Beach:

You can go to the Kuşadası Public Beach on foot from the center of town. It is generally preferred by tourists because the beach is very close to the center of town. In this clean beach you can find mats, umbrellas, changing rooms, showers and toilets. From this point of town we recommend you to see the sunset.

3-National Park Beach:

For its beautiful nature and bays we recommend you to visit National Park Beach. Being in Dilek Peninsula and Great Menderes Delta, in National Park Beach there are wonderful, charming and clean coasts. It is a good location for picnic, for sightseeing and swimming in brilliant sea. The distance between center of Kuşadası and Dilek Peninsula National Park is 41 km. From Kuşadası center to National Park Beach you can go by a vehicle in 1 hour. In National Park Beach there isn’t any shopping store. Most of the summer house vacationists and local people from Davutlar, Güzelçamlı, Kuşadası, Didim and Söke preferres National Park Beach.

4-Green Beach:

Green Beach is in the location very close to Ladies Beach. Green Beach is a location which is unmissable for the visitors who desire calmness. Green Beach isn’t in a large area but local people from the location of Ladies Beach generally preferres this beach. Visitors can enjoy beautiful beach sand and sunbathe. Above the beach there is the last stop of Ladies Beach. Since Green Beach is very close to Ladies Beach you can find stores for shopping and cafes for having rest. In weekends this beach is very crowded so you should go to the beach early in the mornings for finding a suitable place to sunbathe.

5-Kuştur Beach:

Kuştur Beach is in the North area of Kuşadası. When you see the beautiful villas, summer houses and summer villages around Kuştur Beach we are sure you are going to begin to look for a property for sale in this area. Because of the popular and beautiful restaurants, shopping stores, cafes and and charming summer resorts Kuştur Beach is generally preferred by tourists. Near this beach you can find a park area for your vehicle. It is cery close to the center of Kuşadası and by minibus you can go in 10 minutes. In this beach you can find mats, umbrellas, showers, toilets, cafes, restaurants, water ski, parasailing and jet ski service. The visitors must pay for water ski, parasailing and jet ski services.

6-Love Beach:

Love Beach is in the location which is close to Davutlar and Güzelçamlı. Near this beach around the fishermen boats there are cafes, restaurants, a little yatch port and picnic places. It is a calm and quiet place. Also around this beach there are places suitable for camping. This beach is also very crowded in weekends like Green Beach. You should go in early morning to find a suitable place for sunbathing in Love Beach. If you look for rent in Turkey for summer holiday Davutlar and Güzelçamlı area around Love Beach is one of the most suitable places.


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