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Explore Huge Opportunities with citizenship by investment in Turkey

Explore Huge Opportunities with citizenship by investment in Turkey

The process of acquiring citizenship by investment in Turkey has been further eased by the recent amendments passed by the Turkish government. You can now explore the incredible investment destinations in Turkey and obtain a safe life for your family as well. 

You will find a dynamic, high-skilled, and young workforce when you look to invest in Turkey. Besides that, you will have low labor costs, a host of governmental benefits like tax exemptions, and free land allocations. Turkish is a member of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the Group of 20, which makes investing in Turkey all the more fruitful. Let’s explore some of the areas which will be extremely beneficial for the investors and fetch you a higher ROI. 

IT and Technology is an Exciting Opportunity after obtaining citizenship by investment in Turkey

In recent years, Turkey has witnessed a phenomenal rise in the IT sector. The government has given great importance to technical and consulting services. It has built world-class research centers to aid technical prowess in the country. Moreover, universities have received grants for establishing specialized centers of excellence. The new citizenship program will help foreign investors to tap this booming market and reap in rich rewards. You can look for opportunities to invest in software development, biotechnology, electronics, data processing, artificial intelligence, and call centers. Although there are many national and foreign companies operating in this sector, there is still a widescale gap that investors can explore. 

Real Estate Offers Outstanding Options for citizenship by investment in Turkey

Real estate is the most critical sector that holds the most promise for foreign investors. The newly amended citizenship by investment in Turkey has rolled out the red carpet for investors looking for real estate opportunities. The city renovation projects and the rise in population have opened up the market in recent years. So, it’s the best time to invest in the strong real estate market and bring home the profits. Foreign investors who invest a minimum of $ 250,000 have the right to apply for direct citizenship, and most are usually granted within 3 months. The market is expected to rise in the future, so fly to Turkey today and explore this fabulous growing market. 

Invest in Tourism and Never Look Back

Tourism in Turkey is around the year investment. Turkey boasts of a healthy tourism sector that is set to pick up pace after the COVID-19. Turkey is blessed with a charming landscape that has mountains, seas, and upscale urban centers. Turkey also has a new and emerging medical tourism sector that investors can look to explore. Turkey has a lower cost of medical treatment that is frequently availed by European and rich West Asian countries. You can buy cheap rental properties in Turkey and explore these options after obtaining your dual citizenship. 

Energy Sector is Fast Becoming An Investment Hotspot

The energy sector in Turkey has become an effective plan for the government. Turkey is facing an energy deficit, and the government looks to close the fissures fast. Incentives are being regularly dolled out investors looking to explore the market. So, if you are trying to light the lives of Turkish citizens and also make bucks from it, watch out for this space. Investment opportunities exist in the field of hydroelectric power, wind, solar, natural gas, and geothermal energy. The government will give out the incentives in the form of vat exception, tax heavens, interest support, and employers’ share of social security contribution. 

These are the most profitable fields that investors can explore once they enroll in citizenship by investment in Turkey. Turkey is an exciting land of incredible opportunities, and it’s time for you to explore it.

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