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Expats are Purchasing Properties in Turkey

Expats are Purchasing Properties in Turkey

There are so many expats who are living in Turkey for various purposes. If you are one of the expats who live in Turkey and want to purchase properties you should notice some details.


Terms of Purchasing 

First of all, if you one of the expats who are living in Turkey you can buy a maximum of 30 hectares of property in Turkey in total. Secondly, you can’t buy properties which are in military zones. Also, you can buy properties without a residence permit because the residence permit is not required to buy properties in Turkey.

Advantages of Purchasing Properties in Turkey

The first advantage is you can be a Turkish citizen with buying properties in Turkey. If you are working in Turkey and wants to be a Turkish citizen, purchasing properties is one of the ways. The second advantage is properties in Turkey are valuable. You can buy properties in Turkey for investment.

How to Become a Turkish Citizen with Purchasing Properties in Turkey?

The expats who live in Turkey can become a Turkish citizen in several different ways. One of these ways is buying properties. You must purchase properties for at least 250.000 Dollars. After that, you got the right to become a Turkish citizen. Also, you have to meet the conditions. These conditions include a clear criminal record, being healthy, not be a member of illegal groups, etc. If you want to become a Turkish citizen you can research the detailed terms on the internet.

What Kind of Properties Can an Expat Purchase in Turkey?

As an expat, you can purchase land, areas office, residence, buildings, etc. But you can’t buy properties which are in military area or security zones. Also if you want to get Turkish citizenship you can buy at least 250.000 worth of properties. In addition, you cannot build an area that you purchased without permission from the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

Which Places Can Expats Purchase Properties?

There are a lot of beautiful areas in the cities of Turkey. Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, and Antalya are the most crowded cities in Turkey. Therefore you can purchase buildings with very cool looking views. Cities like Trabzon, Rize, and Bursa are very beautiful but these cities have not so many buildings. Therefore you can purchase areas and fields from these cities. The other cities of Turkey are not so crowded so you can buy properties and build permission to create a good living space.

The Ways of Getting Turkish Citizenship

You can be a Turkish citizen with buying properties in Turkey. The other way of becoming a Turkish citizen is marriage. If you marry a Turkish citizen you will get the right to become a Turkish citizen. Another way is you can invest the Turkish companies. If you invest Turkish companies about 1 million Dollars you will get the chance of becoming a Turkish citizen. The other way is the settlement. If you have the residence permit and you lived Turkey at least 5 years you can get the right of become a Turkish citizen.

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