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Buy The Best Turkish Property With Property TR

Buy The Best Turkish Property With Property TR


Q: 1.Is it useful and beneficial to invest in turkish property?

Ans: Yes, buying Turkish properties is an excellent investment to make. There are a few benefits of purchasing properties in Turkey. The most advantageous is gaining easy citizenship by investment. It is what attracts most people to buy properties in Turkey. Few other benefits may include cheap property rates, exchange rates, affordable living lifestyle, and great architecture.

Q: 2.Can a person outside of turkish nationality buy a property in Turkey?

Ans: The only restriction where a foreigner cannot purchase a property is in the military zones. The most exciting fact about buying properties in Turkey being a foreigner is obtaining easy citizenship. If you invest in a property of a stipulated amount, your entire family can be Turkish citizens immediately.

Q: 3.Is it safe and wise to buy a property in Turkey?

Ans: If you avail of the services of a reputed company, realtors, and Estate agents, Turkey is one of the best places to purchase properties. Over the past ten years, people from across the world are investing in Turkey property, the reason being the low prices as compared to the European countries. If you enable buying Turkish property the right way, it is pretty safe to invest in properties here.

Q: 4.How much time does it take to purchase properties in Turkey?

Ans: The process of buying a turkish property is facile and convenient. You only need the right guidance to make the investment worthwhile for you. The procedure may take up to eight to twelve weeks. A reputed and experienced lawyer can make the process even more convenient and straightforward. If you have turkish nationality, it may not even take that long.

Q: 5.What are the reasons for Turkish properties being so cheap?

Ans: Foreigners invest in Turkish properties because of several reasons that attract them, the main reason being cheap property rates. Compared to other European countries, the price of Turkish properties is affordable and low. It is because of the affordable living lifestyle in Turkey that makes the properties there cheap.

Q: 6.What are the documents required to buy property in Turkey?

Ans: Every legal and official work requires a set of documents. To buy land in Turkey, you will need your passport and a local tax number, bank account details, you will need to open a bank account here if you are of foreign nationality, and a couple of passport photos for identification.

Q: 7.What are the best places to buy properties in Turkey?

Ans: There are a couple of places in Turkey that serves as the ideal locations to invest-

  • Instanbul- European and Asian sides
  • Antalya Province
  • Bursa, located in Northwest Turkey
  • Alacati
  • Ankara
  • Bodrum Peninsula
  • Bolu, located in Northwest Turkey
  • Dalyan
  • Fethiye region
  • Kalkan
  • Yalova

Q: 8.What are the primary considerations before buying a property in Turkey?

Ans: Buying or investing in a property is not like buying candy from a sweet shop. In order to buy the best land, you must keep in mind a few things –

  • Check if the property fits in your budget.
  • Know your purpose and see if the property adheres to those
  • Suits your living lifestyle
  • Enhance your property investments value

Q: 9.Can a foreign national obtain a mortgage in Turkey?

Ans: As per Turkey's legal laws, any person, Turkish or not, can obtain a mortgage in Turkey. However, only Turkish banks can accept mortgages over Turkish properties, which means you can only deal with Turkish banks.

Q: 10.Do I need to involve a lawyer to buy properties in Turkey?

Ans: Buying a turkish property does not necessitate you to involve a lawyer. However, it is advised to seek a lawyer's help to ensure a smooth and effortlessly purchasing process. A great lawyer will guide you through the best properties in Turkey as well as handle all your paperwork. It may add up to your extra expense, but it is worthwhile to hire their services.

Q: 11.What is the process of buying a property in Turkey?

Ans: Your process of buying a property begins by appointing a lawyer to go through all your paperwork. The legal paperwork involves TAPU (title deed) and Iskan (habitation license). You have to pay a deposit amount which depends on your area and seller. Next, you have to open a bank account and get a tax number. Your process will be completed after you've made a full 10 to 30 percent deposit.

Q: 12.Can I make a will in Turkey?

Ans: If you are a UK national, your will is legal and acceptable in Turkey. Once you have bought a Turkey property, you can update your contract whenever you wish. Some people, just for the safe side and peace of mind, make a will in Turkey. Your lawyer can help you make a will and get them approved.

Q: 13.Is it wise to migrate to Turkey?

Ans: You only need to apply for a residence permit to start a business or purchase a property. There is no minimum investment amount required. All you need is a legal paper to show that you are the owner of the property. Also, you need to prove that you can sustain a living in Turkey effortlessly.

Q: 14.When is the best time to buy property in Turkey?

 Ans: The spring and summer months are an ideal time to buy properties in Turkey. These months witness steady growth in buyers. While summer is a great time to purchase property, winter is a great time to make excellent offers. Spring is the most pleasurable time in Turkey. Many property owners sell their property during the summer months when the weather permits enjoyable water sports and other activities. Make the most of these days and times to buy property in Turkey.

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