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A Detailed Guide to Acquiring Your Turkey Citizenship by Investment Document

A Detailed Guide to Acquiring Your Turkey Citizenship by Investment Document

The attractive process of obtaining Turkish citizenship through Citizenship by Investment (CBI) is one of the most desired citizenship programs in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Getting an approved turkey citizenship by investment documents before never looked so easy!


The Necessary Turkey Citizenship by Investment Documents

Before you can set the legal process of achieving your Turkish citizenship in motion, it is crucial to have all the necessary documents at your disposal to commence your investment. You must make sure that you have copies of your passport, birth certificates, marriage certificates, proof of health insurance, power of attorney, and biometric photographs in your arsenal.

You must also keep all the application forms given to you throughout the process carefully filled.

Steps in Getting Your Turkey Citizenship by Investment Documents

Although the Turkish Citizenship by Investment (CBI) act hit the stage in 2017, it had undergone certain changes, and a revised version of the criteria was released in 2018.

  • The first step for you is to purchase a Turkish real estate property worth of $250,000 that can be sold only after three years. You also must conduct an evaluation of the property and obtain an evaluation report.
  • Once you get hold of the $250,000 worth property along with its evaluation report, you can now go ahead and buy the property using a bank transfer. It is essential to securely keep your transaction’s receipts and documents related to the purchase in hand.
  • Your turkey citizenship by investment documents must also include the certificate of conformity. You can get the certificate by submitting the receipts of your bank transfer to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.
  • Once you get hold of your conformity certificate, you can freely apply for a Turkish residency permit that gives you the freedom to live in Turkey till your Turkish citizenship is granted.
  • The Turkish residency permit now allows you to apply for your citizenship in Turkey by handing all the above and necessary documents to the Directorate General of Migration Management. You can now be a Turkish citizen!

Getting Hold of Your Dazzling New Turkish Passport

After your turkey citizenship by investment documents gets approved, you will soon become a proud owner of the dazzling new Turkish passport. A Turkish passport not only gives you the right to travel around the globe like any other Turkish, it has a variety of interesting advantages that you will simply love to exercise!

  • Once you become a law-abiding citizen of Turkey with your Turkish passport, your citizenship stays applicable for your family as well.
  • Turkey is known for their advanced medical practices and healthcare facilities. Fortunately, your Turkish passport gives you medical rights.
  • You are also hailed with a visa-free access to more than a 100 countries including South Korea and Japan.
  • As a holder of the Turkish passport, it gives you full right to enjoy the benefits of Pension programs, just like any other Turkish citizen.
  • The Turkish passport also gives you the freedom to education as well as University reimbursement plans.
  • Since your citizenship grants you with a second passport in Turkey, you are allowed to hold dual citizenship without any hassle.
  • You are also given the right to vote as a lawful Turkish citizen.

CBI is the Best Road to Citizenship

With such attractive benefits offered by CBI, turkey Citizenship by Investment Document looks the best way to get your citizenship. So hurry and get your citizenship approved, and enjoy the cost-effective living conditions in the clement weather of Turkey!

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