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A Basic Overview Of Turkish Citizenship By Investments By Arabic People

A Basic Overview Of Turkish Citizenship By Investments By Arabic People

If you have lots of money and are looking forward to owning one of the world's most powerful passports, you have a golden opportunity knocking at your door. turkish citizenship by investments by arabic people or any other foreign individual can get them citizenship. In Turkey, you can easily apply for their citizenship by just making an investment of a minimum amount of 250,000 USD in any immovable property or by investing 500,000 USD as fixed capital. 

Earlier the minimum amount in which a foreign investor had to invest in seeking Turkish citizenship amounted to $1 million for property and $2 million as fixed investment. However, with the Turkish government's new regulation, the amount has been revised by reducing it significantly to 250,000 USD and 500,000 USD, respectively. The prime objective of this recent amendment is to invite foreign investors home. After the collapse of the Turkish Lira and the breakdown of the country's real-estate sector, the government decided and came up with this proposal. In the month of April 2010, the country's foreign currency reserve fell severely, with a fall in the percentage of house sales and mortgage sales. The emergency situation called for an immediate action for which the government launched its citizenship program.


Why is it worthwhile to opt for Turkish citizenship by investments by Arabic people?

A beautiful country with the best climate globally, this Muslim country offers a democratic and secure environment for your family amidst the disturbance of the Middle East. This Eurasian country is very hospitable and welcomes foreign investors whole-heartedly. Once an Arab or any foreign investor gets Turkish citizenship, they do not require a minimum residency. The Turkish passport, one of the top 30 powerful passports of the world, has a validity of ten years and can be renewed for life. The individual does not require declaring his wealth either. As Turkey allows dual citizenship, you can keep the citizenship of your country too.  

Granting the citizenship of an evolving country like Turkey and handing over a passport that allows people to travel to 148 countries without a visa, the program's goal focuses on attracting Arab and Asian businessmen. The Arab Islamists find the idea of supporting the Turkish Lira by offering to buy the Turkish nationality and investing in the country. They pick up the option of purchasing a beautiful villa when the prices are low and pleasant as it brings them the bonus of getting a Turkish Passport along with it. The application of turkish citizenship by investments by arabic people gives them the assured fixed income from a source of investment or an asset. Apart from it, the Turkish citizenship also offers them the right to vote and avail free medical and education assistance in the country.

What is the legislation for Turkish citizenship by investments by Arabic people?

As per the regulation for the application of the Turkish Citizenship Code, which has been recently amended, if any foreigner satisfies the criteria mentioned below, they can quickly obtain Turkish citizenship for them and their family.

  • It stipulates investment in an immovable property having a minimum value of USD 250K. The other condition which comes attached to it is 'not to sell the property for three years.'
  • The second option requires the foreign investor to make a fixed capital investment amounting to a minimum of USD 500K in any of the Turkish Banks or any financial institution. However, you need to keep the bank's money for the next three years without making any changes in the account balance. 

If all the conditions are met, turkish citizenship by investments by arabic people can be easily attained. 

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