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1bedroom Became Popular in Istanbul

1bedroom Became Popular in Istanbul


Why 1bedroom flats became so popular in Istanbul ?

Many years ago, Istanbul did not have any 1bedroom apartments but last 25 years the habit has completely changed and we will be explaining in more details how investors can get benefit from this.

The biggest reason why 1bedrooms became more popular is because of young generation population has increased and Turkey is the number one country in Europe based on their young population by meaning that more than 80% of the population is under age of 45.

Another reason is this young population has understood the importance of education. In past years women were only staying at home taking care of the kids but these days women already joined to workforce to have better income in the family. So before they got kids, they would like to make sure that they have got enough savings to raise a kid.

New generation is asking for different things than their parents did and they are not keen to buy 3 or 4 bedroom apartments but instead they would like to live in a high class accommodation in a very nice place with lower rental payments and this leads to a rise in 1bedroom apartments. Most of these young population are seeking for cafes, restaurants, metro stations nearby where they can enjoy their time while being there.

CEO of PropertyTR, Mr Yusuf Boz has clearly stated that while you are buying or investing, you have to make sure your exit strategy.  As 1bedrooms are rising at the moment that means higher chance to resell your apartment as there is more demand than the other unit types. Mr Boz added to this “ Most of young professionals are working in the centre of Istanbul or business districts but all the apartments are already occupied and there is not enough rooms for everybody whom works there  but instead investors should focus on the places close to those major areas”

As PropertyTR, we have done our research with our investment development department and this 1bedroom investments should be around 75.000 USD to 150.000 USD and there is an excellent investment opportunity who wants to invest.


Here are the details of it;

Coast Istanbul, rising in one of Istanbul's new generation location; where famous brand names come together.

Offices designed according to your exact job, and a residence designed for every detail.

We invite you to a life at Coast Istanbul, just like you want with amazing sea view from your apartment depends on the floor and side.

Coast Istanbul, rising as a monoblock building and the project has in total 3 entrances consisting of 495 apartments, 34 offices and 10 on site shops.

1bedrooms are between 256.000 TL to 850.000 TL but offering 36 months payment plan.  For more details about the project, please click here.

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