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Why should Arabs invest in Turkey ?

Why should Arabs invest in Turkey ?

House constructions in Turkey have undeniably shown a gradual increase year in and year out. Branded houses and projects are making debuts in the cities which we can call as metropolises, Istanbul of course taking the first place, Ankara, Antalya and Trabzon following. Especially within the last 5 years, each and every district of Istanbul has simply become a town center itself. That’s why we’ve all witnessed not only the domestic one, but also the foreign capital has recently begun investing in Turkey. According to Turkish Statistical Institute, these investments from Arabian peninsula to Turkey have remarkably been on the rise. At this very point, Yusuf Boz, the General Manager of PropertyTR,  has discussed the vision “Why should Arabs invest in Turkey” with possible investors as well as the existing clients.

After talking to several Saudi officials and the people who are eager to invest in Turkey, Boz, Head of PropertyTR, emphasized the huge interest of Saudi people and thanked for their kind welcome. He said “From the day we came to Saudi Arabia, a great deal of attention is upon us. We’ve talked to tens and hundereds of people. What we’ve found out here is Arabs have recently been transferring their great majority of capitals to Turkey rather than US and the European countries. All the investors we’ve met here told they especially choose Istanbul, Antalya and Trabzon cities.

Saying they mentioned advantages of investing in Turkey one by one, Boz stated projects under construction have lately been in much demand however not all of them should be seen as reliable instruments straight away. Instead investors should analyze the proffered advantages of the projects well. “When buying a house from a project, it is important to pay attention to putting the advantages and the disadvantages as well as the profit on a scale for a reasonable measurement. Especially the projects in Beylikduzu, Esenyurt, Bagcilar, recently valued districts of Istanbul, have turned out to be very precious investment tools. Because all these stand out in relief as they are very close to the education organizations, health institutions and especially the public transportation. We strongly recommended to the Arabs that buying houses from these bright regions will definitely make many times more money in a year than any other high priced, overrated areas” said Boz.

Laying emphasis on having worked with Arabic clients since the day they were founded, Mr. Boz clarified they know what exactly they are looking for and more importantly how to determine the preferences they’re anticipating to detect for a better business particularly during the assigning of new projects. Highlighting current Saudi Prince Abdulaziz Al Saud met and greeted them during their last visit, Boz said “This meeting was so satisfying and exciting. Considering the normalization process between the two countries, he sincerely let me know that he loved Turkey so much. Besides we had the chance to talk privately with him about our own projects and his attitude was incredibly positive. He is even thinking buying a house in Turkey for himself.”

Stating their ties with Arab investors gained strength and found meaning with this visit, Boz underlined that all the Arabic investors changed their route to Turkey after Trump’s unstable policies and especially the historical mistake he carried into effect regarding Al-Quds issue. He also stated that buying real estate from Turkey will now be more common and profitable if we think about the lifestyles of the two nations and the currency advantages of Arabic people. “Checking upon the last year, it’s not a big secret to observe the upcoming dramatical increase in Real Estate sales in 2018. Here we can see Turkey and Turkish people gaining huge sympathy and interest in the Saudi region. So in accordance with the short and mid term estimates, it’s easy to expect both the ties between the two countries and the sales of houses in real property sector will certainly redouble” Yusuf Boz finalized his speech regarding the hot visit he paid to the Saudi Arabia.

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