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Where to Buy Investment Apartments in Istanbul

Where to Buy Investment Apartments in Istanbul


              Where to Buy Investment Apartments in Istanbul

             In order to make the right investment in the house, it is necessary to take into account many different factors. These factors are even more when the Istanbul property market is in question. Factors such as the budget you have, your borrowing limit and the time you intend to invest will shape your investment. Such personal data, as well as the investment and population opportunities in Istanbul, affect your earnings.

                       Why Investment in İstanbul is Featured

               For years, Istanbul has been attracting attention with its real estate especially in certain districts. The fact that the population has increased more than expected in a very short period of time enables the real estate market in Istanbul to maintain its mobility continuously. In addition, big projects such as Canal Istanbul increase the interest in Istanbul. So, where to buy an apartment for investment in Istanbul?

                        Important Tıps for Profitable Apartment Investment 

               In the investment you will make, you should prefer not only the low prices of square meters but also the districts that are likely to rise. It is also possible to compare different price ranges of investments in residential areas in regions. By examining the square meter prices of a suitable area, especially in the future, it is necessary to choose the regions that are more likely to earn more. Instead of the old houses, you need to evaluate the price increase rates in order to gain short and long term gains in Istanbul. However, the desired housing can be found and it can be foreseen how the price of one year to twenty-year term will increase.

                         Real Estate in the Last Two Years in the Most Winning District

                The district with the highest real estate investments, registered as Eyup between 2017-2018. The average price increase in Eyup in 2017 has reached 20 percent. At the end of 2017, the value of the real estate worth TL 100 thousand became eligible to be considered as TL 119 thousand. It is still possible to find property for sale in Eyup İstanbul. For these reasons, Eyup, which is close to the new airport, is still a very suitable district for investment.

                       New Airport and Canal Istanbul are Very Attractive to Invest in Istanbul

             Mega projects such as Marmaray, Eurasia Tunnel, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, 3rd Airport not only provide transportation convenience, but also draws up housing prices in all the districts on the line where they live. By examining the routes of such large projects, buying a home from these points will enable you to make a very profitable investment. Also the Canal Istanbul route is remarkable. The new project Canal Istanbul, which allows the number of districts to be increased in an instant, will be the main reason for the increase of housing prices especially in five different districts. Those who want to invest and buy house in Istanbul, especially in the districts of Arnavutkoy, Avcılar, Basaksehir, Esenyurt and Kucukcekmece need to turn to the houses on the route. The fact that both high and long-term price increases are expected to be achieved may lead to gains above expected in all houses and lands to be purchased. The investments to be realized on the Channel Istanbul route will be the investment types expected to increase by more than 20 percent in terms of square meters. In this way, you will receive your return for your investment very easily.

                     Mega Housing Projects Trigger Investment Opportunity

               For a while, Atasehir, Cekmekoy, Kurtkoy and Maltepe-Kartal districts on the Asian side have been able to attract high earnings to investors. On the European side, the interest in Bahcesehir, Gokturk, Beylikduzu, Buyukçekmece and Silivri regions continues. With the addition of mega housing projects to the development of the metro network in these regions, the districts will continue to grow towards their environment. Investments such as hospitals, schools, hotels and shopping centers increase with the increase of population. Opportunities payment methods in the regions where population increases rapidly increase easily to a profitable investment provided that it is appropriate.

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