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Conditions of Turkish Citizenship Law

Conditions of Turkish Citizenship Law


Turkish citizenship laws are constantly changing due to social factors and more political content. The acquisition of Turkish citizenship by foreign nationals afterward is protected by the same equality laws as in any Turkish citizen in an equal and equitable approach. In the case of small articles, we will compile and evaluate the articles as factors like helpful tips for foreign nationals to become Turkish citizens, what are the advantages of Turkish citizenship and the rights of the person.


Citizenship Services and Progress

The conditions of Turkish citizenship are protected by certain laws. The purpose of these laws is to determine procedural compliance with the damages that will occur in the acquisition and loss of Turkish citizenship. In the implementation of these laws, various government departments have duties and functions. These are:

  • Ministry,
  • Ministry of Interior,
  • Police Department,
  • The Constitutional Court
  • Directorate General of Population and Citizenship Affairs.

Obtaining Turkish citizenship conditions can not only occur by birth or by family, but also by adoption, the decision of the competent authority or the exercise of the right to choose.
Certain clauses and conditions need to be met to ensure citizenship conditions. These are:

1) In foreigners who want to have the condition of citizenship, have to be an adult(18 years old) and being able to make their own decisions logically,
2) To reside for 5 years or more in Turkey,
3) He or she has to decide to settle in the Turkey Republic with good behaviors to confirm for getting citizenship,
4) He or she can speak Turkish at a sufficient level.

Turkish citizenship conditions have positively interacted with situations in which the applicant is socially well-behaved. Behaviors that otherwise be done could jeopardize the citizenship position achieved and leading to the imposition of punishable sanctions.

State of Breaking Citizenship Law

Turkish citizens who have the conditions under Article 25 of the constitution are allowed to leave citizenship at their own request. These are:

1) In foreigners who want to have the condition of citizenship, have to be an adult(18 years older) and being able to make their own decisions logically,
2) Acquire the citizenship of a foreign state and present with credible documents related to it,
3) Not to be sought for a crime or for military service,
4) There is no financial penalty or enforcement charge against the person.

Besides the above articles, accusations of non-loyalty to the country or treason can lead to the loss of Turkish citizenship by turning into criminal sanctions by the Council of ministers. In the event that any foreign state does not comply with the interests of the Republic of Turkey and any sanctions and services in accordance with the interests of the Republic of Turkey will result in the removal of Turkish citizenship.

Acquisition and Other Matters Under The Conditions of Turkish Citizenship


In the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey, foreign nationals mentioned by the decision of the president may regain their Turkish citizenship, provided that they do not act as a barrier to the conditions of Turkish citizenship. Contraventions and good behavior of the person will have a great impact on the positive progress of this process. The circumstances of losing citizenship and the protection of what needs to be done about it may not be sufficient. Administrative authorities have discretion in these matters. Fulfilling the conditions sought by the statements of the law may not give the person sufficient right to acquire citizenship. Moreover, the acquisition of Turkish citizenship through marriage was made difficult by the new laws. According to the Old Law No. 403 of the Republic of Turkey, if a woman of foreign nationality marries a Turkish man, they had the right to choose Turkish citizenship at any time. Instead, foreign women who married a Turkish man or foreign men who married a Turkish woman were granted the right to choose Turkish citizenship by the 3-year compulsory living rule. Within the framework of this law, people who have been married to a Turkish citizen for at least 3 years and who carry out marriages in accordance with the Turkish moral order can apply for Turkish citizenship if they perform the necessary procedures. The following are the requirements for the applicants:

1) Live in harmony within the family union,
2) Not to engage in acts contrary to the marriage union,
3) Not to engage in acts contrary to the social and moral structure of Turkey.

Special Legislation for Foreign Nationals

The conditions of Turkish citizenship law are more helpful for foreign people than you imagine. The laws are not amended to protect the fundamental reasons for the acquisition and loss of citizenship and to carry out criminal proceedings, but important changes in official terms related to the requirements contained in this content are more helpful to foreign nationals. It is very important that the administrative enforcement units approach and follow this period in a positive way, together with the legal regulations and especially in the care of foreigners to gain Turkish citizenship through marriage, by birth or other means.

Adapter Conditions for Turkish Citizenship Law

In every other country, it is another consideration for them to demonstrate with individual behavior that they have decided to live and make a new life in Turkey.  As long as there is no problem like the person who wants to become a Turkish citizen, should not be in an inappropriate situation in the opposite conditions for the presence of the state of the Republic of Turkey, there will be no problem with the application and the fact that to be a Turkish citizen.

The non-application of these rules affects the application for citizenship, acquiring Turkish citizenship, and the loss of Turkish citizenship towards this is inevitable. There are certain behaviors and rules that will be negative under statutory law. These are:

1) Not showing an intention to settle in Turkey without an illegal residence permit,
2) Persons who have applied for asylum,
3) Living in the state of the Republic of Turkey as an asylum seeker,
4) Residents in case of Education,
5) Those who reside with their children to accompany them,
6) Residents for treatment purposes.

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