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What You Should Know About Turkish Citizenship By Investment

What You Should Know About Turkish Citizenship By Investment

Turkey offers a lot of benefits as a country for its geographical location and its social, religious, and cultural diversity. It is a country whose economical diversity allows you to choose a lifestyle that suits you best—be it traditional or modern. Here’s close scrutiny of why more and more investors are choosing turkish citizenship by investment  over others.


Is Turkish citizenship by investment a wise move?

Turkey is situated at a vantage point between two continents, which are, undoubtedly a geostrategic point. This helps you to navigate between two major continents— Asia and Europe—at ease.

Turkey is also a G20 member which points to the fact that it is in a community of 19 other countries from the European Union, that are promoting international financial stability. Thus in Turkey you can find both emerging as well as advanced economies—making it a lucrative home for many investors choosing it as their next home.

Turkish citizenship by investment is nothing different from citizenship by birth. You can be a Turkish citizen for your entire life and you may pass your citizenship down to the next generations.

There are two kinds of investments made for citizenship in Turkey: financial or property.

In Turkey every property is considered a freehold property. As an applicant, you are not required to declare whatever income and assets you hold in any other foreign country. If you are investors in Turkey, you can recover your investments after three years. During this period, known as the ‘must-hold period’ you will have to retain the property. After which, you may recover your investments. Moreover, there is no inheritance tax that you are required to pay, as most other developing countries charge. The same rule applies to financial investment.

All you need to do is go through some official formalities along with
real estate investment of USD 250,000 or USD 500,000 and you are eligible for a Turkish citizenship. Other ways of investment for getting Turkish citizenship include investing in a Turkish bank; creating fifty jobs; buying government bonds, etc.

What are the advantages of Turkish citizenship by investment?

When you become a Turkish citizen, you become entitled to holding state pension, along with free healthcare and education. You also reserve the right to vote. One of the best advantages of becoming a Turkish citizen is that you become a national and are allowed to hold dual citizenship.

If you become a Turkish citizen, you are entitled to a hold Turkish passport. You, therefore, can enjoy the advantage of visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to more than 110 countries. These also include traveling with the same benefits to South Asian countries such as Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. You may travel to South Korea or to Brazil in South America.

Once you become a Turkish citizen, you reserve the right to relocate to Britain through the Turkish Businessperson Visa. This visa allows you to start a business in the UK under the Ankara Agreement. Surprisingly enough, you will eventually be able to obtain British citizenship this way (though Britain is no longer being party to the Ankara Agreement, after the Brexit transition period in 2020).

In addition to all the benefits mentioned above, if you get turkish citizenship by investment, you are also eligible to apply for relocating to the US along with your family. This can be done by the E2 Investor Visa signed between the two countries. The E2 visa allows applicants to relocate to the US with their family members in very little time.

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