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How Does Turkish Citizenship Database Work?

How Does Turkish Citizenship Database Work?


Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship

In accordance with Article 11 of the Turkish Citizenship Law No. 5901, foreigners wishing to acquire Turkish citizenship; 

Own national law, stateless, according to the Turkish Civil Code No. 4721 to have adult and the power to distinguish. Application date backward to have resided in Turkey for five years without interruption. He decided to settle in Turkey; to acquire immovable property in Turkey, build a business, investing, trading and transporting of the business center of Turkey, work on-site business, subject to a work permit and to be reaffirmed with similar behavior, or to marry a Turkish citizen, family appeal, before Turkish citizenship winning mother, father, brother, or to have children or to complete training in Turkey. Not having a disease that poses a general health hazard. To show that they have good morals by behaving with the sense of responsibility required to live together in society, to give confidence to their behavior and environment, not to have bad habits that are not welcomed by society and contrary to society values. To be able to speak Turkish at a level that can adapt to social life. Turkey will provide the livelihood of himself and nobody is obliged to look to have income or profession. There is no obstacle in terms of national security and public order. conditions are sought.

Turkey E-Visas What Does It Mean?

E-visa has been replaced with the tax stamp or seal of the visa before crossing the border in Turkey. Applicants can make their visas electronically by entering the required information from the E-Visa internet address and paying by credit card. It is essential that the application is carried out smoothly. Upon successful completion of the e-visa application, e-visas are sent to the person's e-mail address. Applicants are required to print out their e-visas and show them to airlines and customs authorities and keep them until the end of their journey.

Diplomatic and service passport holders are exempt from visa for tourist or official travel and transit passes for up to 30 days. The passport holders are exempt from visa period of residence in Turkey for touristic trips not exceeding 90 days for each entry.

On the other hand, the most important factor in acquiring Turkish citizenship is undoubtedly the preparation of the documents requested by the state institutions in accordance with the legislation and procedure. A single deficiency may result in a negative outcome of your application. Therefore, it would be healthier to consult a specialist in all these aspects.

Pages in Turkish Passports

Inkjet pages and personal pages, original pages, original pages, such as made from existing polycarbonate material. The passport holder's information will be written with laser on the polycarbonate and the chips will be placed in the same way. New passports that support the High-Security Element (Extended Access Control) feature of the European Union Visa Freedom criteria will be more secure against forgery and will not need to be changed when the European Union Visa Freedom is applied. on the other 38 pages, it will take place in different historical and touristic places of Turkey's image.

Thus, the Turkish citizenship database will become more secure.

What is e-Passport?

E-Passports, also known as pas chip passports ”,“ biometric passports ”or” electronic passports e, include the passport number, name, surname, nationality, date of birth, identity number, issuing authority, issue, and validation date, etc. personal identification and passport information, as well as photos, fingerprints, signature, such as biometric data,  can be stored chip (chip) passports. e-Passports are essentially a type of Machine Readable Passports, but they have more advanced layers of security than Machine Readable Passports. The chips are located on the back cover of the e-Passports or inside the identification page. As in many countries, e-Passports produced in our country have chips on the back cover. The chip, which can be read with special devices, is one of the security layers developed in the passport against counterfeiting. Just like the machine-readable passports, there is a machine-readable area of two lines of 44 characters each at the bottom of the identity pages of the e-passports.

How Many Visa Pages are in e-Passports?

In public e-Passports 57; 25 for private and service stamped e-Passports; diplomatic e-Passports have 24 visa pages.

What Security Measures are in the e-Passports?

There are visible and concealed security measures at every stage of the e-Passport system, from the production stage to the policies and practices at the border points. The e-Passport books in our country are produced in the Mint and Stamp Printing House of the Undersecretariat of Treasury and issued in a secure unit established by the General Directorate of Security of the Ministry of Interior. This arrangement uses paper, ink and production techniques equipped with safety features by the competent authorities. The chips on the e-passport covers are encrypted in case of any intervention. This password cannot be accessed separately from empty passport books in case of theft or similar cases, so it will not be possible to issue fake e-passports. In addition to these transport codes, there are also a number of private security systems for access to electronic chips in passports. In this way, even if the passwords are seized by malicious people, passport chips cannot be written. In addition, the data written to the chips during the arrangement phase, also called personalization, is digitally signed by the country's authorized signature authority. In this way, visually the data written on the passport can be compared with the digitally signed peer data on the chip. In addition to the fact that no electronic changes can be made on the data written to the electronic chip, the integrity and accuracy of the data is once again reinforced by the digital signature.

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