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What You Need To Know About The Sale Of Housing To Foreigners?

What You Need To Know About The Sale Of Housing To Foreigners?

Buying real estate in Turkey is increasing day by day the number of people. Therefore, the requirements in this regard should be known and real estate sales should be made in accordance with the law. Due to Turkey cofraf position it is preferred by many countries. To be in the position of developing countries and highly qualified young population makes Turkey is selected. In our article on why Turkey should be the owner of the property and can learn about the selling procedure.


Why Turkey?

Turkey is a country that invested by many countries. According to the surveys, a large increase was observed in the housing units sold to foreigners in 2019. So why Turkey is preferred? Because:

  • Due to its geographical location
  • Because of the climate
  • Due to its historical and natural beauties
  • Because of its magnificent beaches
  • Due to affordable housing
  • Because it is a developing country

Maximum 30 Hectares

Turkey has some rules you need to abide by foreigners who will make the real estate investments. These sales procedures must be followed. The first of these: a foreigner can buy up to 30 hectares of land in Turkey.

Deed Operations

Title deed procedures should be investigated in detail. These deeds take an average of one to two months. Transfer of immovable property to foreigners is carried out at the land registry offices.

Documents Required for Foreigners

The list of documents that foreigners should have is as follows:

  • The title deed certificate of the real estate should be kept.
  • Must have proof of identity or passport.
  • Photo of buyer and seller taken in the last 6 months
  • Property fair value certificate
  • Compulsory earthquake insurance certificate should also be provided.
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