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Minister Albayrak signaled how the new era will be in the economy

Minister Albayrak signaled how the new era will be in the economy

Minister Albayrak signaled how the new era will be in the economy

Before heading to Argentina for the G20 meeting, Minister of Finance and Treasury importante Berat Albayrak, made explanations on the press meeting Regarding the framework of the new economic program, the new communication strategy and the future of Turkey's economy.

"We will walk with a strong communication based on the relationship between 'win-win' rather than fighting with the markets, and we will take a coordinated path to the global financial system, consistent with the realities of real economic life, harmonious with market dynamics.

Albayrak, who defined the key of the new era as "harmony, harmony, harmony", gave the following messages:

Minister Albayrak told the new period in the economy

Treasury and Finance Minister Berat Albayrak told the new period in the economy.

Albayrak said, "We will never be behind the market, we will make a sensible recovery in Inflation, the OVP will be announced before September."


"We will share a program supported by stronger and stronger sub-titles that are not so far as ever before that before September, not just the Development, the Treasury or the Central Bank, but all the banks, the real sector, the financial circles, the academy, I mean, a program that approaches the changes in global dynamics with a much more solid foundation,


The Central Bank of Turkey is one of the institutions with the highest quality human resources. In the new period, the Central Bank will carry out its analyzes and take steps in the frame of right vision and editing. An effective Central Bank is one of our main objectives.


"We will implement a rapid communication strategy with all public and private stakeholders in the same target direction.We will express ourselves with the correct style, correct infrastructure and rational reasons with our own scheme.In a very wide perspective, ranging from rating agencies, banks and investors, under the scheme, Turkey will continue to communicate a lot but in a very strong way. "



The key word of this period will be "harmony". Harmony, harmony, harmony. We gathered the FOC (Financial Stability Committee). It will be gathered in my presidency weekly, changing the name with a very different structure. We will provide the contribution of all stakeholders in coordination. When you try to separate the monetary policy from the fiscal policy and the fiscal policy from the inflation policy, it is very difficult to mention success in terms of compliance and reaching a common goal. "

Minister Albayrak: We will not fight with the markets


"It is not known how long we will be in office, but we will have a strategic plan for this 5-year period, in which you will not see a daily life approach, the economy is managed with confidence, not daily reflexes."

"We will always be a few steps ahead of the market"

"We will never be behind the market in the period of our Ministry, and we will always be a few steps beyond the market at any moment." Politics goes ahead of the society, opens the front, dreams in front of the society, puts the vision, puts the project, puts the future and puts hope. We will walk with a strong communication based on the win-win relationship rather than fighting on the schedules, we will be open and transparent. "

We have to build for the future with all kinds of instruments.


We will design our communication with all stakeholders with "win-win" understanding. Each stakeholder in this system is precious to us and we have to make the most of each one's views and approaches. Turkey was a country that for years has paid minus real interest rates. Turkey's vision for the future much stronger, much stronger promises a win-win picture. We will walk together with a strong communication based on the win-win relationship rather than fighting on the scorecard. We will be clear and transparent.

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