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A detailed guide to Turkish citizenship by investment program

A detailed guide to Turkish citizenship by investment program

Turkish citizenship by investment program launched in 2018 is one of the most affordable and stunning initiatives. Now you can acquire Turkish citizenship by investing only $250,000 in the property market. 

Since the program was launched, thousands of buyers have applied and got citizenship in Turkey is less than 3 months. The program has helped foreign buyers acquire and sell property in Turkey. Moreover, this new law also permits citizens to stay and enjoy the full facilities. There are also other ways of acquiring citizen by investment in Turkey through:

  • Employment program by giving the job to at least 50 people
  • Fixed capital investment with a minimum amount of $500,000
  • Depositing at least $500,000 in a Turkish Bank
  • Venture capital investment worth $500,000

Let’s look at some of the benefits of investing in Turkish property. 

Reasons For Obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment program

Turkey offers outstanding facilities to foreigners looking for real estate investment. It’s a free country where you can live, work, and travel without any restrictions. Let's look at some of the advantages of investing in Turkey:

  • You will get dual citizenship, and that means you can keep your current citizenship and give up virtually nothing.
  • The citizenship investment program grants you a free work permit inside Turkey. Earlier you would require a license to engage in business or productive employment. But the new law has disbanded the old rules completely.
  • You will enjoy cheaper healthcare facilities and obtain insurance and Mediclaim policies in Turkey. You can also vote in the elections and have access to the state pension.
  • You have the flexibility to come and go from the country without losing your citizenship. 
  • Persons holding an ordinary Turkish passport can travel across 104 countries without any visa. Turkey is one of the powerful tickets in the world and is considered a getaway between Europe and Asia. 

Documents Required For Obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment program

Some documents are required to acquire the Turkish citizenship by investment program. Let’s check them out in brief. 

  • Copy of Birth certificate – You would require a copy of your birth certificate from your resident country. The certificate must be stamped and authenticated from the Foreign Ministry and the Turkish Embassy. You can also Apostille the papers according to the Hague Treaty Conventions
  • Marriage And Divorce Papers – Your application must enclose copies of marriage, divorce, or death certificates. Each certificate must be accompanied by stamp paper from the home country or apostilled according to the Hague Treaty Convention
  • Passport Size Photographs – Each application should accompany 4 biometric photos in a white background containing pictures of all family members applying. You should also provide 8 more biometric photos regularly sized on a white background containing your picture
  • Proof of Address – Government-backed attested copies of proof of address must be provided
  • You should also enclose copies of original passport, power of attorney, receipt of wire transfers, and filled in application

Where To Get Help With the Turkish Citizenship Program?

The more straightforward application process for the Turkish citizenship program has helped foreign nationals to live and work in Turkey. But sometimes you might face some issues regarding obtaining documents quickly. Many registered agents can provide strong government networks and would make the process simple. You can connect with these agents from your host country and send them your papers for authentication. Once done, they will send you the documents, and you need to pay them only a small fee. 

Turkey is an excellent real estate investment destination, and you must not delay in applying for your Turkish citizenship by investment program. It’s also a great tourist place where you can enjoy the sandy beaches, snowy mountains, and upscale malls.

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