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What are the Types of Title Deeds in Turkey ?

What are the Types of Title Deeds in Turkey ?

A title deed is a document issued by the Land Registry Directorate showing the owner of a certain land or sections built on it. When you buy a real estate, the most valid way to prove that it is yours is to have a deed in your hand. This document, which we also commonly use as a title deed, is of an official nature.

In this article, we will share the types of title deeds with you.

Types of Title Deeds

Deeds are also divided into types within themselves. These are; condominium ownership, floor easement and types of title deeds with shares. If you want to know which one is more important or valid, you can read the following types of title deeds carefully.

  1. Condominium Title Deed ( Kat Mulkiyeti Tapu );The first question that those who live in multi-storey buildings or want to buy apartments from here is whether there is a condominium title deed.

    Because in this type of title deed, the square meter of your apartment, the door number, on which floor it is located are determined in full detail and certified by the Land Registry Directorate.

    This is the independent section, which shows your right of ownership over your apartment. The independent part belongs entirely to you, you do not have any partners.

    Since your apartment is a condominium title deed, you can easily use a bank loan. You also pay your property tax as a building tax

  2. Floor Easement Deed ( Kat Irtifak Tapu ) ;After the building was erected on the empty land , the transition phase from land to building began. Although the building is rising on the land, it still appears as a land plot in the Land Registry Dec. Although there is a settlement, we cannot talk about settlement. That is to say; When it comes to the floor easement deed, the exact boundaries of the independent sections in the building have not been drawn.

    If the apartment you own has a Deckhouse easement, it means that how much right you have over the “building” where your apartment is located has been approved in terms of land share and square meters.

    Whether the building is in accordance with the plan, the square meters of the apartments, the floor and the apartment numbers have not been inspected, your residence is incomplete.

  3. Types of Title Deeds with Shares ( Hisseli Tapu ) ;When you buy apartments from buildings that have not been resettled and do not have a floor easement, you receive different types of title deeds with shares. These buildings, also known as “land title deeds” among the people, do not appear in the land registry records.

    If you are buying an apartment from a building with a land title, you are taking a share of the land on which the building is built. When you Decipher the land registry records, you see that the apartment owners, including you, are landowners who have the right to a certain proportion of shares in the land plot.

    It is difficult to sell the immovable for the types of title deeds with shares. Because it is not specified in the deed which part belongs to whom. You can solve the problem by making an agreement with your neighbors in the building.

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