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Best Properties to Buy in Turkey for Investment! – Top 5!

Best Properties to Buy in Turkey for Investment! – Top 5!

Would you like to discover the best properties to buy in Turkey? Considering Turkey for investment? Turkey became a significantly popular place to invest in, in recent years. Buying property offers a lot of advantages to investigators or those who would like to have citizenship in Turkey. To discover the opportunities and the best properties to buy, you can follow the article and find the best locations in Turkey!


Istanbul – Discover the European and Asian Side of the City

Choosing Turkey for investment? Istanbul gives an opportunity to buy properties for every budget and different property styles for those who would like to invest. Every district of the city provides various options. While you will be able to find luxury flats or houses, mansions are also preferred by investigators in both European and the Asian side of the city. The prices of the properties are changeable according to the districts that you will prefer. Besides the various options, Istanbul is also the centre of economy, tourism, business, and education in the country. You will be able to find countless real estate opportunities in the city.

Best Properties to Buy in Turkey for Investment - İstanbul

Antalya Province – The Biggest Tourism City in the Country

If you are going to choose Turkey for investment, you are in the right place. In recent years the investigation was raised in Antalya. The special coasts of the city take attraction of the investigators every year. Especially, Belek, Kemer, Alanya, and Side districts are significantly preferred by those who would like to buy properties. While Antalya is a lively city in the summer season, many different nationalities travel to Antalya in every season. The Antalya Province of Turkey is usually visited by Europeans, Russians, Asians, Brits, and Middle Eastern investigators.

Bursa Province – Most Famous Place for Foreign House Sales

If you are looking for a budget place to buy properties, you can consider the Bursa Province of the county. While the popularity of the city is rising every year, you will be able to find foreign houses in the Bursa Province. When you would like to buy a property in Bursa, the prices will start at about 20.000£. In addition to that, Bursa is a very preferred place especially in the winter season because there are popular ski resorts in the popular mountain Uludag.

The Bodrum Peninsula – Turkey for investment: Unique Atmosphere with Various Options

Bodrum is located in the Muğla Province in Turkey and it never lost its popularity for many years. The risen popularity of Bodrum makes the peninsula preferred by investigators. Especially, Brits prefer to investigate and buy properties in Bodrum according to the numbers. Bodrum is also hosting sailors and yacht owners because the well-known marina is located in the peninsula and there are also various villages which you can find luxury property options as well.

The Fethiye Region – A Preferred Region to Buy Properties in Turkey

The Fethiye Region has also risen in popularity in the county at the same time it hosts impressive places like Oludeniz, Ovacik, Hisaronu, Calis Beach, and various caves and villages. Fethiye is lively in the summer season, but tourism gets slower after October until the next April. It should be noted that tourists travel to Fethiye during the year but it is not a lively region as much as in the summer season. There are many different luxury houses that you will be able to prefer.

Best Properties to Buy in Turkey for Investment fethiye

Buying Land in Turkey

If you are planning to buy land in Turkey, you will be able to buy a maximum of 30 hectares of property in the county if you do not have Turkish citizenship. Buying land in Turkey will be changeable according to the citizenship, personal situation, and the rules of buying land in Turkey.

Turkish Citizenship by Buying Property – Turkey for Investment

If you would like to get Turkish citizenship by buying property in the county the property that you are going to buy must be a minimum 250.000$. Your family member who is younger than 18 years old will be able to have citizenship and you can keep your citizenship throughout your life.

Turkey for investment Pitfalls

While choosing Turkey for investment is a good investment, there can be pitfalls that you may face. You must know the company very well if you would like to buy a property. While the investigations rise in the county, you must avoid the real estate agents that you can’t fully trust. You need to get a lawyer’s support, follow every process of buying the property, pay attention to the crucial steps, and be sure the process is completed successfully. You should not trust a real estate agent directly because of the reasonable prices.

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