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UK stated that the Turkish tourists will be exempted from Covid-19 travel quarantine

UK stated that the Turkish tourists will be exempted from Covid-19 travel quarantine

UK government unveiled last Friday list of "travel corridor" quarantine exemption countries deemed "low risk, including Turkey.

Britain declared that it would scrap a requirement for people arriving from dozens of countries to spend 14 days in isolation. Starting from 10th July, quarantine requirements will be lifted for arrivals from about 60 countries deemed "lower risk” for the coronavirus, including Turkey, France, Spain, Germany and Italy, but not USA the country which is the worst hit by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The implemented "travel corridor" or "air bridges" policy will also allow people to travel to low-risk countries without having to quarantine at either end. The quarantine policy for travelers from other countries was introduced in the U.K. in June in order to protect public health against imported coronavirus cases.

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca said, Turkey has recorded 203,456 coronavirus cases so far, with 178,278 recoveries. Meanwhile, disclosed nation-wide demographic data on the outbreak for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic. According to the ministry's data, half of all cases in the country have struck in Istanbul, which has seen close to 110,000 cases. Released in both Turkish and English, the report describes the ongoing situation that has developed in Turkey since the onset of the pandemic in March to June 28.  The report states that there are about 200,000 coronavirus patients in Turkey, more than 105,000 of whom have been hospitalized. It is also detailed that 21% of hospitalizations took place between the dates of June 1 and June 28, adding that 93.4% of hospitalized patients had been discharged from hospital.

Which means Turkey is one of the countries who controlled the pandemic situation in the best way. The numbers shows other countries are still in bad situation and the pandemic Covid-19 is out of their control, while Turkey is in the normalization step for more than a month.

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