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Conditions Of Turkish Military Service For Dual Citizens

Conditions Of Turkish Military Service For Dual Citizens

According to the Republic of Turkey laws, people connected with the bond of citizenship to the Republic of Turkey is defined as Turkish citizens. The conditions of being a Turkish citizen, the procedures and principles regarding the conduct of the works and transactions and the citizenship services regarding the acquisition or loss of citizenship shall be determined by the Turkish Citizenship Law Number-5901. Citizenship is a right that can be acquired with or after birth. Related services with citizenship are carried out by the Ministry of Interior in Turkey and by foreign representatives abroad.

Dual citizenship does not relieve the obligation of military service. On the other hand, cooperation between the two countries and in accordance with international treaties, which have done their military service in the countries listed below, are considered to have done well in Turkey.


Application of Dual Citizenship of the Republic of Turkey

First of all we must know the conditions of dual citizenship before Turkish military services conditions. Needed documents of application for dual citizenship for the Republic of Turkey is explained detailed.
The application for dual citizenship includes the same documents as the application for single citizenship. Apart from these documents, a legal permission document should also be included in the file. In order to become a citizen of two countries, it is important for the person to submit a certificate of approval from both countries.
The person applying for citizenship of the second country is from his own country; identity, passport, income document, residence address, criminal record and medical report. If he / she stays in the country he / she wants to apply, he / she must also show his / her residence address, work permit and salary document.
If the person applying for dual citizenship is married, then all documents must be prepared for his wife. The marriage certificate with proof of marriage should also be included in the file.

Dual citizenship conditions are listed below;

-People who want to become citizens of the Republic of Turkey, they fulfill the necessary procedures in the citizenship application process. Among the procedures, you must express your citizenship in the form of dual citizenship.
-The citizens of the Republic of Turkey who want to apply for citizenship in a second country can also browse to the law Number-5901. The multiple citizenship in phrases, Turkey is proof that given the multiple citizenship approval.
Your personal application to the competent authority for dual citizenship is a basic condition for acquired approval.
– Dual citizenship between the Republic of Turkey and the other countries that put obstacles to citizens from both their own citizens abroad. People who want to accept Turkey as a second homeland must only fulfill the basic requirements in this affair.
– The basic criterion for dual citizenship is to be born in the second country. The person requesting dual citizenship should be born in the country that accepts as the second country. It is not important to leave the country afterward. Fulfilling this requirement is stated as the basic condition when applying.
-According to the Turkish Citizenship Law-5901; Turkish Citizenship can also be gained by applying to the competent authority. Application to the authority; is a way for any foreigner who meets the requirements. Here is the requirements of being citizen in Turkey by buying real estate:
-It is determined by the Ministry of Industry and Technology that it has invested fixed capital of at least 500000 USD,
-Buying 250.000 USD real estate area (You can check the www.propertytr.com for good prices.)
-It is determined by the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services that it employs at least 50 people,
-It is determined by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance that it has purchased at least 500.000 USD with the condition that the government borrowing instruments are kept for three years.
-In addition to these conditions; there are exceptions according to Article-12; the person who wishes to have Turkish citizenship should not be in a position to constitute an obstacle in terms of national security and public order.

Consequently, provided that there is no obstacle in terms of national security and public order; within the framework of Article 12 of each foreign Turkish Citizenship Law, which has purchased the immovable at least 250.000 US Dollars and duly purchased by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, which has been purchased by placing an annotation on the land registry records for three years; If an application is made to the Presidency and its application is approved, it may be entitled to Turkish citizenship by the decision of the President.

Exemption from Military Service for Dual Citizens

 If you have another citizenship from the countries below with Turkish citizenship; you can apply to embassies in these countries to consider having brought your military obligations in Turkey:
Austria, Denmark, Finland, Israel, Azerbaijan, Norway, Switzerland, Greece and Tunisia. 

Postponement of Military Service for Dual Citizens

Turkish citizens that born and living in a foreign country and who have gone to a foreign country until 18 years of age and have acquired the citizenship of that country may apply to postpone their military service until the end of the age of 38 if they so wish.
Those who have the necessary conditions for postponement may have their military service postponed until the end of the year in which they have completed 38 years of age, but if they wish, they can fulfill their military obligations by issuing a postponement decision at any time during the postponement period.

According to Article-2 of the Military Law Number-1111, those who subsequently acquire Turkish citizenship shall perform their military service as Turkish citizens of that age according to their age and education. The military service may be postponed for a period of two years from the date of naturalization upon the request of these obliged parties. The polls for the year in which the postponement period ends shall be conducted and they shall be processed together with the other obliged parties entering the military age that year. If mobilization is declared, they can be taken under arms within the postponement period if they are needed.
For any reason, after completing the loss of Turkish citizenship, the military operations of the winners shall be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the Law, taking into account the previous military stages.

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