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Trabzon Starts To Attract Foreign Investors

Trabzon Starts To Attract Foreign Investors

Trabzon is a city with unique beauties and attracted by people. People prefer Trabzon to invest or live. Especially foreign investors in Trabzon have increased in recent years. Foreign investors are taking many benefits they get home in Turkey. Trabzon is one of the provinces preferred by these investors. Located in the Black Sea region, Trabzon enchants people with its blue-green appearance.


Buying Home In Trabzon

Buying house in Trabzon is an issue that people are interested in. Especially in the comparison of foreign investors in the city, Trabzon ranks first. So why? You can find out why Trabzon attracts foreign investors.

Having Attractive Climate

The climate is very important for people to choose cities. The climate of Trabzon attracts attention by everyone with its rich flora and fresh air.

Historical Spaces Are Of Great Interest

Historical places, highlands and natural beauties are quite high in Trabzon. Some of those:

  • Sumela Monastery
  • Uzungöl
  • Church of St. Eugenius
  • Lapazan Plateau
  • Trabzon Atatürk Mansion
  • Cal Cave
  • Monastery of Vazelon

Do Not Miss Cheap Housing Opportunities

Trabzon has more favorable prices than other cities. It will be more profitable to buy a house especially in winter. This is another reason for property investment in Trabzon.

Peaceful City Trabzon

Trabzon is a city that will give you peace of mind. Like other cities, it is far from chaos and noise. This is what all people need.

You Can Get Citizenship

You can get citizenship if you buy a house in Trabzon. Of course, the value of the property you will receive should be at least 250 thousand dollars.

Arabs Prefer Trabzon

Arab investors are very interested in Trabzon. Particularly climatic conditions are the reasons that attract Arabs. In fact, this has caused housing prices to rise.

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