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Top Reasons To Buy Property In Izmir

Top Reasons To Buy Property In Izmir

Izmir, Turkey’s third-biggest city with a Western vibe, is popular among Turkish
property seekers. It is famous for its cosmopolitan liberal atmosphere, and living here is
becoming an increasingly tough life choice for both Turks and foreigners alike. Izmir is having
many new developments complete or underway, significant cultural events across the city,
including live music performances in parks on summer evenings and art galleries opening their
doors late into the evening hours every single night of the week. There are no excuses not to
make Izmir your next destination – especially if you’re looking for some property.


Buy Property In Izmir To Get Around Izmir Easily

Izmir is a surprisingly quick and easy city to get around, with people from all over the world
coming searching for property. However, in many sought-after areas like Bornova or Karşıyaka
where it’s hard to find an available listing for more than a few minutes before someone else
snaps up your next dream home. Izmir has had quite the influx since becoming famous as one
of Turkey’s most promising cities; recent arrivals can often be spotted exploring Izmir by foot,
bike, and train on their hunt for properties that suit them best. So if you are looking for turkish
nationality, invest in property for an essay route.

See the best property investment options in Izmir, Turkey!

Buy Property In Izmir
New Development In Izmir

It is no surprise that many investors are flocking to Izmir, a metropolitan city in Turkey. This
region has an excellent transportation system and easy access to international trade routes as
well. In the last ten years alone, this area of Turkey rapidly improved its road network with
pedestrianization projects, so now it’s easier for residents and travelers alike to get around
town without issue! The recent addition of new metro lines will make getting around much
more efficient too – worth investing if you ask us because who doesn’t want increased
efficiency? So, many investors are looking for property in Istanbul.

Location Is The King

Choose from various villas for sale in Izmir, or head to Cesme and Alacati if you are looking for
something closer. The airports near the town allow quick travel to other nearby beaches like
Kusadasi and Bodrum and sites such as Ephesus and Pergamon Ancient City. In addition, Izmir is
an emerging hotbed for real estate Turkey.

A Slice Of Life In Izmir

Life in Izmir could be the perfect getaway for you and your family. A bit outside of mainland
Turkey, this seaside city is only a short plane ride away from Europe. From its central location
along with one of the world’s most famous coastlines to its rich history as both an important
trade hub during Roman times and a center for Greek culture today, there are plenty of reasons
why we think that it might just become home.


A Slice Of Life In Izmir
Why Invest In Izmir?

Izmir sites ranked third on eTurboNews’ list of ‘Top 10 Cities by Foreign Investment Potential
2018′ due to this increased interest and incredible cultural diversity. Making traveling there feel
like you’re visiting another country entirely, just one hour away from Istanbul or Athens by
plane. To buy apartment in Turkey is to take your real estate portfolio a notch higher.
Izmir is the perfect city-by-the-sea for a comprehensive Aegean experience. In 2017, 22% of all
property buys were from foreign investors – and with an influx in tourism over recent years. The
trend has grown in recent years and is expected to rise further. In addition, Izmir has been
westernized to create a more vibrant life than other Turkish cities. With its modern architecture
and scenic views, it’s not hard to see why.


Top Reasons To Buy Property In Izmir
The Turkish Citizenship By Investment Program

The Turkish housing market received a boost when it dropped the minimum entry-level of its
citizenship by investment scheme from 1 million USD to 250,000. Turkey has an easier approval
time when ranking passports with other property investing programs like Portugal’s passport
program. It is much more affordable than many European countries such as Hungary, where
you need at least three times your annual salary just to pay off either mortgage loans or rent
deposits before being able to move there.

Explore Turkish nationality law for more.


buy property in izmir turkey
The Turkish government recently made significant changes to how people can obtain
citizenship via paying money towards real estate projects they are interested in developing.
Turkey is now one of the cheapest international destinations for citizenship, with a recent drop
in their minimum entry-level. It has boosted interest from Middle Eastern buyers drawn to
Turkey’s passport investment program that offers all rights as an internationally recognized
citizen, including property ownership and ease of business management. So, if you’re
considering turkish property and Izmir sounds like an excellent place to start, give it some

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