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The Most Costly Waterfront Mansions in Istanbul

The Most Costly Waterfront Mansions in Istanbul

The Most Costly Waterfront Mansions in Istanbul

Without the renowned authentic waterfront houses, with their other names, called "Yalı" in Turkish, the amazing magnificence of the Bosphorus would not be finished

Pined for their extraordinary area and in addition astonishing engineering, the waterfront mansions close by the Bosphorus are very costly. Here you can discover 10 of the most expansive houses in Istanbul.

Erbilgin Mansion

Erbilgin Mansion is the most expansive waterfront manor on the Bosphorus. Situated in Yeniköy, the house is exactly worth 200 million dollars. With 64 rooms, it is additionally the biggest waterfront mansion in Istanbul.


Hasip Pasha Manor

The development of Hasip Pasha Manor began amid the rule of Mahmud II. This excellent mansion is otherwise called Kalkavan Manor since it had a place with the Kalkavan family before it changed hands. The estimation of Hasip Pasha Yalı is 160 million dollars.

Muhsinzade Manor

Utilized as an inn today, this excellent mansion is situated in Kuruçeşme. It was assembled the great vizier Muhsinzade Mehmet Pasha in the main portion of the eighteenth century. As a standout amongst the most costly waterfront houses along the Bosphorus, it is worth 155 million dollars.

Ahmet Fethi Pasha Mansion

Situated in Kuzguncuk, Üsküdar, Ahmet Fethi Pasha Manor is a great case of Footstool engineering. The estimation of this house is 150 million dollars.

Tophane Müşiri Zeki Pasha Manor

Tophane Müşiri Zeki Pasha Mansion is directly under Fatih Sultan Mehmet bridge. It was developed in the second 50% of the nineteenth century. The acclaimed draftsman Alexandre Vallaury composed this stunning Yalı. The main proprietor of the manor was the artillerist (müşir in Turkish) of Tophane amid the rule of Stool Sultan Abdulhamit II. It is presently worth 125 million dollars.

Kıbrıslı Mansion

Kıbrıslı Manor is in Üsküdar. Among all the waterfront houses on the Bosphorus, this one has the longest exterior. The length of its drift is 64 meters. It is worth 120 million dollars.

Tahsin Bey Manor

Named after Tahsin Uzel, the originator of the main dams in Turkey, Tahsin Bey House is situated in Yeniköy. The estimation of the house is 115 million dollars.

Kont Ostrorog Chateau

Kont Ostrorog Manor emerges among the delightful waterfront chateaus on the Bosphorus with its one of a kind design. The proprietor of the mansion, Leon Ostrorog, was an Islamic law master in the Footrest Domain. The property, which is situated in Kandilli, was obtained by Rahmi Koç in the year, 2000. Kont Ostrorog Manor is presently worth 105 million dollars.

Zarif Mustafa Pasha Mansion

Zarif Mustafa Pasha Manor used to be one of the biggest property in Istanbul. Notwithstanding, just a single piece of the property that used to be held for men is erect today. The estimation of the house, which is situated in Beykoz, is 85 million dollars.

Nuri Pasha Manor

Nuri Pasha Yalı in Beykoz was developed around 1895, amid the rule of Abdulhamit II. The estimation of this waterfront mansion is 80 million dollars.

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