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Togg T10X Pre-Order Process Has Begun: How to Get the Togg Car

Togg T10X Pre-Order Process Has Begun: How to Get the Togg Car

Togg is starting its pre-order process today. So, how can you get the new Togg T10X, which is getting ready to hit the roads in April?

With the announcement made in recent days, the name and prices of the first model of our local automobile brand Togg were revealed. The SUV model named Togg T10X in the C segment has started to accept pre-orders starting from 953,000 TL.


How to buy TOGG car

Togg T10X, which will hit the road with two different equipment and range options, appears with 160 kW motor power and rear-wheel drive in the entry-level version. The desired price for the model with a range of 314 kilometers and V1 equipment level is 953,000 TL. The price of the same version in the V2 equipment level has been determined as 1 million 55 thousand TL.

On the other hand, there is another version of the vehicle with 160 kW power and a range of 523 kilometers. The price tag of this version is set at 1 million 215 thousand TL. So, how can you get the new Togg that is getting ready to hit the roads in April?

Togg T10X will be determined by a lottery method throughout 2023 and will meet with its users. The pre-order process for T10X will take place on togg.com.tr and the Trumore application between March 16-27. Each user who downloads the Trumore application available on App Store, Google Play, and App Gallery or creates Tru.ID via the Togg website will be eligible to participate in the lottery process by transferring the 60,000 TL prepayment to their wallets through cash or credit card. Togg shared explanatory visuals for the pre-order process.


Users who participate in the lottery via Trumore or the website can configure the model they want before the prepayment. The pre-order holders will be determined through the digital lottery system to be held in the presence of a notary on March 28. After this process, the vehicles will be delivered to their owners in order of the lottery, taking into account their versions.

However, since Togg will produce different versions of the vehicle at different times, the delivery process may proceed differently depending on the lottery results. According to the announcement, while the vehicle with the long-range V2 equipment level will be delivered to its owners in April, July is targeted for other versions.

The planned delivery process for the model with the short-range V1 package will start in July with a 20,000 TL launch special package. When you choose the version with the short-range V1 package without the launch special package, the delivery date is delayed until November.


The short-range V2 equipment level will also meet with users in July with a 35,000 TL launch special package. Therefore, even if you come out first in the lottery, if you choose one of the short-range versions, you can receive your vehicle on the first day it goes on sale, not in April.


Please visit togg.com.tr for more information and if you would like to know more about TOGG car, please follow the link below;

Togg T10X Turkey sales price revealed!

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