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Togg has won the “Great Place to Work”

Togg has won the “Great Place to Work”

By Great Place To Work Institute “Employee Experience Survey, Togg, Trugo Siro teams in their companies and teams in terms of team spirit and corporate culture, it was common pride.

Togg group companies and global authority on corporate culture and work together Siro Trugo great place to experience working in an independent institute, a survey of evaluations of their employees as a result of the “great place to work” certificate was awarded for the second time in a row.


Togg Release, according to the trust that has built a successful corporate culture and the focus of the human, 2021 received “great place to work” with a certificate to prove it Togg, Togg by Great Place To Work Institute, Trugo, and Milan among the employees of the evaluation for the second time in a row with the same certificate was awarded.

In the “Employee Experience Research” conducted by the Institute, the common points of Togg, Trugo and Siro teams in terms of corporate culture were the pride and team spirit that the teams have for their companies.


The Great Place to Work Institute, which is an international authority on corporate culture and conducts research in 5 continents and more than 60 countries, takes reliability, respect, fairness, team spirit and pride as the main criteria in its employee experience research. The common result around these issues is determined by the results of the “trust index”, which measures the trust and satisfaction of employees in the company.

The study, supported by data compiled from more than 100 million employee engagement surveys worldwide, shows that Togg is a workplace with a high trust culture.

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