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This Summer, The House In Turkey Has Attracted The Attention Of Qataris

This Summer, The House In Turkey Has Attracted The Attention Of Qataris

The number of Qatari in Turkey has increased. Qataris have demonstrated considerable interest in Turkey this summer. They want to invest in Turkey's developing real estate sector. Turkey has always been attracted attention with the advantages of geographical location and offers. The number of homes sold to foreigners is increasing every year. Through legal regulations and new laws, Turkey has become easier for foreigners.


The First Purpose of Qatar Investments

Qatarians usually buy houses to invest. Homes in Turkey are affordable. They are investigating and investing in these areas. So they make big profits and make a sensible investment.

First Choice Istanbul

The first choice of Qatars is Istanbul. Istanbul has always been an attractive city. The number of foreign investors in Istanbul increases every year. Historically and culturally it awakens the center of everyone. There is a lot of natural and historical beauty. It also attracts the attention of Qatari people. The first city they prefer as tourists or investors is Istanbul. Also, Qatar invests in places such as Yalova and Sapanca.

Turks Are Very Hospitable

Qataris who came to Turkey for the holidays loves the hospitality of the Turks. Turks treat foreigners as gentle and friendly. In this case constantly for their holidays to come, it causes people to love Turkey.

Attention Before Buying a House

Before buying a house in Turkey, there are issues that need to be considered. These points should be paid attention to and thoroughly researched. Some of the highlights include:

  • Extensive research is the most important point. Real estate market in Turkey should be investigated.
  • Real estate prices should be compared. The most logical one should be chosen.
  • Learn about receiving of title deed (TAPU).
  • It is useful to see the houses in advance.
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