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How to Get the Most Profit from Rent Property in Istanbul

How to Get the Most Profit from Rent Property in Istanbul

If you wish to live in a luxurious country, then it is your chance to rent property in Istanbul. With the growing fortune of the real estate market of Turkey, renting an apartment or even a Villa has become easier. You can select a property from a variety of options such as furnished or non furnished property, finished or under construction property etc.

In Istanbul there are many popular areas which can be your potential neighbourhood. And we are here to help you get the most profit by investing in Istanbul.

Questions you should ask before getting a rent property in Istanbul

  • If the property furnished or non furnished?
  • How should I pay the payment?
  • Will the payment include all the utility bills or not?
  • What is the fee to pay for site maintenance?
  • How long the contract will last for rent property in Istanbul?
  • How much is the security deposit?
  • Is the apartment closer to public transportation?
  • Will there be an agency cost?

Now that you know what to ask let’s look at the steps to rent property in Istanbul…

Research for property to rent in Istanbul

Researching plays a vital role for when buying real estate especially of you are new at this. First research for a genuine agent, as they can help you understand the market value. But don’t fixate on one agency, play your ground and see for more option. You can also compare the prices of your selected rent property in Istanbul to get the right price.

Location of the rent property in Istanbul

Before selecting property to rent in Istanbul, make sure that you have selected a good location. Choose an area with good transport facility, parks, nearby restaurants, shopping mall etc. if you are looking for a residential property. But when searching for a commercial area, you need to search for a metropolitan area. No matter what, be sure that the area is safe and secure.

Arrange a viewing trip to see rent property in Istanbul

Once you have selected all the properties, you should fix a viewing trip to see the location personally. This way you can also check if the neighbourhood is alright or not. Plus, seller can hide many little information about the property from the agent too, you can check to be sure of everything. Plus, you can get familiar with the surrounding and look for other property for rent in Istanbul.

Negotiate to get the right price on rent in Istanbul

You can also negotiate with the given offer by the seller and save some sum of money. It will help your case better if you have researched the current market value. Give an offer to the seller and if they agree initiate the rental process.

Why choose Istanbul for rent property in Istanbul?

There are many reasons to choose Istanbul for renting property. And one of the many reason being the hotspot for tourists. Istanbul is one of the most famous places to attract tourists, thus there are many great projects here that includes newly made buildings, apartments, villas, lands etc. You can get many options to rent property in Istanbul. Another great thing is, you can get a property starting from $1,000 to $25,000, so a lot of verity is there.

If you are looking to invest in the area then make sure to get a land in the wealthy places, as the chances of increasing value is higher in those areas. You also need to hire a lawyer, they can help you with the paperwork and proper documentation. Plus, you will be safe from legal hassles.

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