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Things You Should Know Before Buying Property Istanbul for Sale

Things You Should Know Before Buying Property Istanbul for Sale

Istanbul is a beautiful place and that is why, so many people want to buy property Istanbul for sale. And if you are here then you are one of them. With the serine beauty and fresh atmosphere of Istanbul, you will have the best place to live and breathe in.

The property purchasing process in Turkey has been fairly easy since the government have made the paperwork process fairly easy. But still, to make the process even simpler, here are the guidelines to have your own property for sale in Istanbul.

Take your time to buy property Istanbul for sale

Buying a property is not a matter of joke and thus, you need to invest some time in it.  The whole process itself takes up to weeks to finalize. Even though, the process can be done in a short period of time, you should give it three to six months to make the right decision upon buying a property.

Choosing the right place to buy property for sale in Istanbul

Choosing the right property for sale in Sultanahmet Istanbul is solely dependent on why you are buying the property for. If you want live there then you need to look for a good neighbourhood with parks, restaurants and all the other important facilities available nearby. And if you want to invest then choosing a metropolitan area will be much profitable, where the night life is alive and people are always gathering.

Simple process of buying property Istanbul for sale

As said before the whole process of buying property Istanbul for sale is easier than most of the other countries and similar to other western countries.

  • First you will have to pay a deposit to the real estate agent when signing the contract.
  • Then the final amount will be paid upon connection with the transfer of title deeds.

How to finalize the buying process of property Istanbul for sale

To finalize the buying process here are the following steps that needs to be done.

  • When you have selected the property Istanbul for sale you will be given a purchase agreement and then you have to sign a deposit to the property owner.
  • When all the parties have signed the agreement will become binding.
  • If you have decided to cancel the agreement then you have the right to do so but you will not be having the deposit back. But when the property owner will withdraw from the agreement, you may get the money back. But there will be a penalty clause upon such event.

Find legal and professional help to buy property Istanbul for sale

If it is your first time to buy property in Istanbul or in any region, it is better to be on a safe side and get advise from a lawyer. This will keep you safe from legal troubles and also make the process easier. It will also be a wise decision if you contact with a trusted realtor to help you find the ideal property Istanbul for sale.

Proper inspection before buying property for sale in Sultanahmet Istanbul

This is an added tip from our side. Inspection is very important when buying real estate as there are so many agents who hides important details. Specifically if the agent is trying to sell the property over the call, don’t fall on that trap and visit the land yourself before closing the deal. Take a look at the neighbourhood, speak to the owner yourself and make sure that all their previous utility bill is paid off. If it all checks out then you can safely buy property Istanbul for sale.

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