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Should I Buy a Property in Turkey?

Should I Buy a Property in Turkey?

If you ask the question yourself “should I buy goods in Turkey?” This blog can give answer of that. As real estate builders with offices across the country with many years of experience, they have in-depth knowledge of the market that includes current trends, investing, relocating, rental purchases, or about the recent property turkey for sale or owning a vacation home just for family vacations.

Now, if you look at builders relationship with the real estate market, some may say they are inclined but don’t just take their word or opinion for it. By 2019, more than 45,000 foreigners are buying the recent property turkey for sale, an apartment or villa. Some are heading to bodrum, a major city for business, education, and tourism, while many others shop in the bursa and Mediterranean resorts, such as Antalya, Bodrum, and Fethiye. So, let’s look at the reasons why people buy houses and buildings in Turkey.


Invest in Istanbul

Current Currency Rate in Turkey

Anyone who follows the history of the Turkish lira will attest that its value has plummeted over the past three years. While this is not good for investors, it is very good news for home buyers. In 2015, buyers will receive 3 liras for every dollar, so it is a good time to buy the recently available property turkey for sale. Fast forward today, and that has doubled. Yes, of course, house prices have risen, but with such an unusual exchange rate, immigrants are gaining more Turkish lira now than ever before.

Properties in Turkey are Cheaper than Spain, France, or Portugal

Buyers looking for an overseas vacation home often limit their choice to Turkey, Portugal, Spain, or France. In all of this, however, Turkey comes with prize money, making it an ideal choice for commercial property hunters or those looking the recent property turkey for sale for long-term investments up to mid-year. Prices start from about £ 40,000 for a beachfront apartment. Yes, you can buy homes in Spain for half that amount, but take a closer look. They are all rural, in the middle of the country and in dire need of repair and maintenance.

The Cost of Living in Turkey

Take the three countries above and compare their cost of living with Turkey, and again, you has a clear winner. Cheap water and electricity prices reduce costs, as do council taxes and you don’t have to pay for a TV license, so when it comes to how much it will cost to use and maintain a home, consumers can easily understand the attraction that’s why builders offering you the best ready to move property turkey for sale. According to crunching number experts Numbeo, Turkey as a whole is 51% cheaper than Spain, 61% cheaper than France, and buying in Portugal will be 46% cheaper in your pocket.

Real estate in Istanbul

Turkish Citizenship Investment Program

Many countries have citizens through an investment program and ready to buy current property turkey for sale. This is when investors buy houses and land or start a business to get the right to live and work as locals. The Turkish system is rapidly attracting consumers, with one of the lowest entry rates. To apply, buy a home that costs $ 250,000 or more and keep it for three years. Compare that to Portugal’s most expensive, time-consuming visa-free visa application, and it is easy to see why more than 9,000 people have so far obtained a permit.

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Modern Architecture

Prior to 2000, choosing to house was difficult. Most of it was getting damaged and in need have repair. However, just a few years later, the government began to revitalize the market, using new modern homes with the latest buildings and modern lifestyles. Whatever you want, you will find including economic savings, green living, and billions of homes at that time – investors like Istanbul, in particular, regions outside Europe. Here, unplanned housing offers attractive prices with many financial investment opportunities, but also a wide selection of brand new homes.

Shop at Lifestyle and Climate

In 2019, Turkey attracted nearly 52 million tourists. In addition, it has large ex-pat communities that live here all year round. What is the main temptation for all these people? Yes, the favorable climate of the cold and cold winters play a major role, but the Turkish way of life, especially for the unemployed ex-pats, prevails. The relaxed ambiance combined with the emphasis on outdoor life enhances the mind, body, and soul and easily explains why visitors return year after year. The friendly culture of the local people, as well as delicious food, beautiful beaches, and thousands of historic sites and attractions, also fascinate shoppers.

Selection of locations

Most foreigners buy from Istanbul, but many also travel to the Aegean and Mediterranean coast. Here, cities, towns, and cities all offer something different. Antalya’s reputation stems from its beautiful beaches, while the Kalkan prides itself on the large, luxurious mansions that offer the highest quality of life. Belek is the capital of golf, while Calis beach attracts Brits lovers with a strong sunset and low prices. Coming to the Aegean, Yalikavak commands respect as an international naval base where the homes of millionaires are centered.  To find homes for sale, browse our residential and residential portfolio. Each list includes location, price, home features, photos, and a query button/phone number to find out more or edit views.

Easy and Safe Buying Process

Naturally, when consumers look overseas, they are cautious, because the purchase process is different. However, the good news is, especially for those from western countries, to expect a simpler and easier procedure. We recommend that you use an attorney, even if Turkish law does not require that. Additionally, the law says, you need a legal document translator to know exactly what you are buying. This is done to protect the consumer. Once all your finances are in place, and the home you are buying is resold or ready, you can expect title deeds and lock your door within three to six weeks.

Cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul


If you are looking for your ideal property turkey for sale, be it your home or a vacation rental investment, this article would love to help you. Builders are always there all the time, from helping you build a shortlist to finishing a sale. Some people ask think if I should buy property in Turkey, and also dream of living overseas. For some, this is in their retirement age, while for others it is a remote employee.

In this article, we explain what to expect and tips and advice for making a smooth transition to talk to a real estate agent about the buying process, the housing market, what makes your money work for you, or the best properties to own, call or email us today. Here you will find all answer of your each and every questions and provide some tips and tricks for homeowners in Turkey.

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