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Things To Consider Before Buying A 2nd Hand Property In Antalya

Things To Consider Before Buying A 2nd Hand Property In Antalya

There are certain things to consider before purchasing a Turkey property. You need to look through the critical aspects and give the nod to them. Otherwise, you may face unprecedented troubles in the long run. Significantly, the location, verification of the documents, property valuation is your primary steps. After ensuring these three aspects, hire an expert for further proceedings.

The real estate Turkey industry is flourishing with the uprising of globalization. People from various countries are showing significant interest to buy a Turkish property in the last two years. Under the Golden Visa Program, entering Turkey is no big deal. Investment in a Turkish property turns out to be very profitable as the country is famous for tourism. Antalya and Istanbul are two major cities that share the most significant portion of the tourism industry. While Istanbul has a 44.3%share in forest investment, Antalya has 21.2%.

There's no right time for the right job. The moment you decide to take up the deed, it becomes right. So, go for a property in Antalya after going through all the mentioned aspects.


Location Checking Before Buying A Turkish Property

Whether it's private property or a commercial one, you cannot look over the importance of the location. Antalya is a prosperous neighborhood. Here, one can find numerous opportunities and advantages even in the dead of night. Yet, you have to go the extra mile to ensure the very best for yourself.

Look whether the locality has adequate shops, are free from any antisocial trouble, connected to the main junctions of the country, or have the necessary government facilities. If it's a commercial turkish property, you need to check if it's near the tourist spots. Also, if it's meant for the corporate sectors, you need to ensure transportation.

Verification Of The Documents

In the case of a 2nd hand property, a thorough evaluation of the encumbrance and sale deed is necessary. It should also be taken into consideration that the property doesn't violate any law of turkish nationality. Verification of the document needs a thorough knowledge of Turkish property law. A possession certificate shows who owns the property, whether it shares a joint owner. There are different regulations for the number of owners.

Thus, you cannot overlook these tiny details if you want the legal property. Another essential document includes tax receipt. Do not ever forget to ask for a tax receipt certificate. A 2nd hand property often comes with a large amount of tax. The previous proprietor of the property should clear each penny before selling the property to you.

Property Valuation

After processing the above mentioned two aspects, it's time for evaluating the property. The valuation of a property depends on the location, feature, and future opportunities in the area. Before you buy apartment in İstanbul, take these aspects into account. A vivid idea about the current pricing is essential here. Antalya is one of the most famous Turkish towns among investors. As the foreign investment rate is higher in the city, property owners set the prices considering that aspect.

Most foreign investors prefer buying properties in cash. Therefore, the valuation depends on the cashflow too. Thus, the country's economic stature and government policies are also taken into account.

Hire An Expert

Hiring an authentic lawyer for further proceedings is a necessary step. Before searching for "apartments for sale," take ideas from an expert. With a thorough knowledge of Turkish law, they can guide you through all the pitfalls. The professional's responsibility includes going through the documents, inspecting, drafting, and looking after the regulations regarding the property's registration.

Thorough Inspection Of The Property

Arranging a thorough inscription of the property might save your pocket. Buying a second property is equally risky as beneficial. When you buy an apartment in Turkey, find out how old the property is. Then you need to look after the renovation process. If the building needs plenty of renovations, it will be similar to buying a white elephant. Therefore, be wise and walk off such a blunder.

Also, investigate whether the owner is hiding any critical truth about the property. If it's highly illegal, it can drag you to the strict eyes of the country's legislative.

Correct Bargaining

Bargaining is a complex process where one needs to be adept on the matter. No turkish property owner will offer you a price that you want. Bargaining is a must in such cases. If you are not confident about your bargaining strength, hire a professional. A broker or a real estate agent can seal the deal on your behalf. Correct bargaining is the only way to relieve your pocket.

The apartments for sale in Istanbul are often available at a low price. You need to look at all the aspects mentioned above for a property that matches your requirements.


Second-hand properties often come with several drawbacks. Maintenance cost is a major one of them. Poorly maintained properties bring a long list of requisitions. Always go for a property that comes with fewer renovations. A lower-priced 2nd hand property Istanbul may come with several demands of renovation. Therefore, before buying a property in Antalya, one needs to consider the maintenance charge.

Besides, a second-hand property appears with old fashioned modules. An age-old property is not worth involving in your list.

Direct Benefits

Enjoy some direct benefits of a second-hand Property Antalya. If you buy the property for domestic purposes, it often happens that you do not need a modulation. You can directly shift in the house. Even if you buy it for commercial use, you find the property directly usable.

Also, some special offers on EMI are delightful. Some banks regard 2nd hand property buyers, especially. In Antalya, you get a 70% cover-up for your 2nd hand property.

After having a comprehensive knowledge of these aspects, a second-hand home in Antalya will be beneficial to you. Keeping all these into consideration, buy a second-hand property that goes according to your preferences.

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