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There Are Numerous Benefits You Get with Turkish Passport via Investment

There Are Numerous Benefits You Get with Turkish Passport via Investment

With the opening of Turkey’s Citizenship by investment program in 2016, there has been a lot of interest generated as to how cheap and quick this program is compared to other such citizenship by investment programs. The only necessity is to invest in Turkey’s real estate with a minimum of $250,000- so no waiting period, no need to live in the country, or even be present at the time of application. This makes it one of the world’s fastest and most hassle-free ways of obtaining citizenship in a country. But what are the benefits of having such a citizenship in Turkey and getting a turkish passport via investment? Read on to know more.


Why choose Turkey when applying for Turkish Passport via Investment?

The main things you gain when you obtain a citizenship via investment in Turkey are-

  1. Permanent Residence in the country
  2. You can work and invest in Turkey and its economy without any limitations
  3. The Turkish passport allows for Visa-free travel to many countries- around 114 countries in fact.
  4. Due to some treaties with countries like USA and UK, the visa application process is much simpler and easier as compared to applying from other countries.
  5. There are some international allowances granted only to Turkish citizens which include (but is not limited to) the Ankara agreement.

Let’s look at some privileges of having a Turkish Passport via Investment

The best part about the provisions of this kind of Citizenship application is that it allows for the possession of a Turkish passport through turkish passport via investment while not needing to have a certain period of residence in Turkey. There are numerous benefits to having a Turkish passport-

A Turkish passport allows you the following privileges-

  • Due to the good global connections of Turkey with various countries around the world- the Turkish passport allows for Visa-free travel to 114 different countries, including Japan, the Caribbean, Malaysia, Singapore, Morocco and Ukraine. Thanks to these allowances, a Turkish passport makes it much easier to travel to these countries, be it on business or pleasure.
  • With a Turkish passport, you will be eligible for all the Pension Programs that are open to all Turkish Citizens.
  • It provides the holder free education and university reimbursement plans, which can be incredibly helpful to your children who are automatically accepted as citizens in this program- if they are under 18 years of age.
  • It allows for a dual citizenship, as Turkey’s laws provide for a citizen having dual citizenship with another country. Therefore, you are not required to have to rescind your citizenship from your home country.

What else can a Turkish passport give you?

The visa-free travel allows for much more freedom in being able to go abroad to foreign countries, as the tedious hassle of having to apply for a visa prior to travel is gone. For businessmen it makes travelling from country to country much simpler when dealing with short notice trips. And even when going on holiday with your family, it saves a lot of time when preparing for a trip. Visa-free travel basically means you will have to deal with the visa papers on arrival to that country, which are a lotless complicated and roundabout than when having to deal with a visa application from the consulate’s office in your own home country.

Getting a Turkish passport is the best investment you can make for your children's futures

A Turkish passport through turkish passport via investment can also mean a lot for your children as through this Turkish citizenship, their travel to these countries is simplified, in case they wish to study there. Also, because of the E-2 Visa Treaty with USA, and the Ankara treaty with UK, it is much easier for students to obtain visas to these countries with top class education facilities. Turkey also has educational institutes at par with most of the EU, along with cheaper fees, or in the case of a citizen, fee waivered. So, when looking for the best way to invest in your children’s future, consider investing in a Turkish citizenship.

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