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The Taksim Mosque construction continues fast

The Taksim Mosque construction continues fast

Taksim Square will have a new mosque soon !

The construction of the mosque to be built in Taksim starts to rise. While the exciting project continues with the construction of main skeleton, the culture and art center on the lower floor continues to be built in the parking lot.

The prayin area of the project, which started on February 17th, has been completed. 

Beyoglu Mayor Ahmet Misbah Demircan emphasized the significance of the project and announced that the construction of the main carriages had begun to increase. Within a short period of time he said that we would see the dome closed as well.

Stating that the construction of the mosque was done quickly from above and below, Demircan explained that the first floor of the 4-storey car park was completed. He also stated that the cultural center was completed in the field. He said that his work was proceeding as expected and quickly, and that he planned to open a worship service in 2019.

President Demircan said that the main workmanship that the rough construction was done was fine workmanship, and he said that he was destroyed by expropriation in some places in the world. With this mosque, they stated that the parking lot will get rid of the renovation problem.



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