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The expected day has arrived! Shopping malls and barbers opened

The expected day has arrived! Shopping malls and barbers opened

Due to Coronavirus (Covid-19), Turkey closed 356 Malls, barbers and beauty centers, on 11th May they started back to normalization.

Shopping centers, barbers and beauty centers, whose working hours were changed with the first coronavirus incidents in the country and then gradually closed with the recommendation of the Scientific Committee, had start to working.

The companies that will open optional shutters with flexible working hours on May 11 will start working to the forced working system as of beginning of June.

Dr. Hüseyin Altaş stated that the Shopping Centers, Investors Association and tradesmen are free to open their workplace in the first phase, and that some companies can serve between 10.00-22.00 and others between 11.00-21.00.

The following measures will be taken for the shopping mall entrance and exit gates:

Entrances and exits will be arranged in a way to prevent contact between people and one-way round trip signs will be placed on the ground.

As many entrance doors as possible will be opened in the mall.

The number of workers in the shopping center will be limited to one person per 10 square meters.

Entry will be allowed as many as the number of people leaving the shopping mall.

A medical / cloth mask should be worn at the entrance of the mall, and those without masks cannot enter inside.

Fever will be measured at the entrance. Those with a fever higher than 38 degrees will not be taken inside and will be asked to go to the health institution.

Social distance rules will be respected at shopping mall entrances and exits, people will be taken in order, and the areas that need to be stopped in order will be determined by landmarks with a distance of at least 1 meter between them.

Customers will be informed about the rules to be followed in the shopping malls for Covid-19 with announcements or videos. In these announcements, it will be requested that the shopping center visit should not be longer than 3 hours and not be visited in groups.

The use of all kinds of tables and chairs on the dining floor will be prevented.

Since Covid-19 will increase the risk of contamination in shopping malls, collective events such as concerts and shows, brochure distribution, and promotion applications will not be made.

Smoking, resting ares and playgrounds, cinemas and mosques will not be used. Car wash and valet service will not be provided.

One third of the capacity of the elevators will be allowed to ride, and this number will be indicated at the entrance of the elevator. In order to maintain the social distance within the elevator, the areas where people should stop will be determined by landmarks with a distance of at least 1 meter between them.

Cleaning and disinfection of frequently touched surfaces such as door handles, handrails and elevator buttons of escalators and other common areas will be provided at least 3 times a day.

Banners on the use of hand washing and masks will be hung in the shopping mall toilets. Hand dryers will not be used, and a disposable paper towel system will be introduced. Liquid soap will be available, water and soap will be photocelled if possible, and entrance doors to the toilet areas will not be opened by hand.

Precautions for ambient ventilation

Shopping malls will be effectively and externally ventilated, and controls and replacement of the filters of the ventilation system will be made regularly.

During the filter replacement, personnel will wear N95 / FFP2 masks, use gloves and face visors, and the removed filter will be covered twice and dispersed.

Normal cleaning periods of air handling units will be shortened. Air conditioning systems other than central ventilation systems will not be used. Ventilation will be maintained even when the building is not in use at night, even with less air volume, the ventilation system will continue to operate throughout the night.

The passage of people from the places where the dirty air outlet is made will be prevented. Technically necessary minimum air circulation will be provided in the shopping mall.

The precautions to be taken at the workplaces within the shopping mall were also determined as follows:

Shop workers will wear masks

Hand antiseptic will be kept at the entrances and safes, and the occupancy of the hand antiseptics will be checked periodically.

To prevent crowding in the workplace, a simple stimulus / blocker will be placed on the outside door to prevent it from entering.

Customers will be allowed to enter the workplace alone.

Customers will be taken to the store with 1 person per 8 square meters.

Measures will be taken to prevent crowd formation in order to ensure social distance outside the workplace. Where necessary, ground marks will be placed on the ground at least 1 meter apart.

Trial cabinets will not be used as much as possible, and staying inside time will be limited to 10 minutes. After each customer, the cabin is ventilated and frequently used surfaces are suitable will be cleaned in a way.

When the cabinets are not in use, the doors / curtains will be left open and ventilation will be maintained.

Ultraviolet rays that may be harmful to human health, which are not recommended by the European Center for Disease Control and Protection, and the United States Disease Control and Protection Center, will not be applied to the products tested.

The use of cosmetic products and perfumes for trial purposes will be prevented.

While waiting in line in front of the cashiers, places to be stopped will be placed at a distance of at least 1 meter between them.

The Ministry also suggested that customers choose to pay contactlessly via cards rather than cash.

Ambient disinfection

The stores will be cleaned and ventilated daily, and water and detergent as well as 1/100 diluted bleach will be used on the frequently touched surfaces.

1/10 diluted bleach in toilet cleaning; 70 percent alcohol will be used on work benches with computer keyboards, telephones and other device surfaces.

Payment terminals will also be cleaned with 70 percent alcohol after the customers touch.

Cleaning staff will use medical masks and gloves. After cleaning, the personnel will be taken out of their masks and gloves, throwing them in the trash at the workplace, replacing them with a new one if they used a washable cloth mask, and washing their hands with water and soap for at least 20 seconds, and using hand antiseptics in the absence of soap and water.

On the other side; The barber, beauty salon / center, etc., closed since March 21. The activities of workplaces has started.

When will the barber coiffeur and beauty salon be open?

In the circular, as a result of the evaluations, barber, beauty salon / center, coiffeur, etc. It was reminded that a decision was taken that the workplaces would become operational on 11 May, provided that the rules to be determined by considering the effects of the new type of coronavirus epidemic were followed.

According to the circular; The barber, beauty salon, coiffeur, which will be opened on Monday, will be able to work between 09.00-21.00.

What precautions will be taken in barbers and coiffuer?

In the barbershop, beauty salon, coiffuer, customers will be served by appointment system.

Employees in these workplaces will definitely use a mask, while customers will use a mask during the process, but customers can remove the mask according to the process to be performed.

Before starting the process for the customer, all areas where the customer can sit and touch will be cleaned / disinfected, and this cleaning will be repeated after each process.

Cleaning, disinfection / sterilization process will be applied before all the materials used during the service to the customer start the service, this process will be repeated for each customer.

Haircut, washing, dyeing, etc. Materials such as towels, aprons used during the services will be disposable materials, or it will be ensured that there are separate materials for each customer (personalized towels, aprons, etc.).

If the customer wishes he can bring, his personal towel, comb etc. The matter that the materials can bring with them will be informed during the appointment phase.

The service of shaving the beard with a razor / razor will not be provided temporarily in the barbers, but the shaving of the beard can be done by using a machine.

In female coiffuer and beauty centers, skin care, make-up and permanent make-up services will not be provided temporarily, and other activities will be continued.

The use of the nipple brush will be temporarily stopped due to the disinfection problems and contact with too much ground / surface.

Penalties will be applied on those who do not follow the rules

In the Circular, administrative fines will be imposed on the citizens / workplaces that do not comply with such decisions, pursuant to Article 282 of the General Sanitary Law. According to the condition of the contradiction, the relevant articles of the Law will be processed and necessary judicial proceedings will be initiated within the Article 195 of the Turkish Penal Code regarding the criminal behavior.

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