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Steps of Turkish Identity Application Process

Steps of Turkish Identity Application Process

Population and Citizenship Directorates subordinate in the Ministry of Interior in Turkey, apart from Turkey it should make an application them the foreign representative offices, for the acquisition of Turkish Citizenship. Acquisition of Turkish citizenship later; the decision of the competent authority, adoption or right of choice with being possible. Adopted by a Turkish citizen, a child may acquire Turkish citizenship as of the date of the adoption decision provided that there is no danger to public order and national security. Generally Turkish Identity Application processes;


How It Should Be Persons Trait Who Want To Obtain Turkish Identity Application;

According to the law of that country or if the person is stateless, according to Turkish Civil Law should be adult and must have the power to distinguish.

  • Persons who have stayed for 5 years in Turkey. This country has housing suitable for all budgets. You can visit  www.propertytr.com ”website about housings. Residences are offered at affordable prices.
  • Get real estate property, start own business, to fund, to move the business center, work in a place with work permit in Turkey.
  • Marry with a Turkish Citizen, make application by the whole family, to have Turkish mother, father, siblings or children, to complete education in Turkey.
  • Persons have not to dangerous disease.
  • People who comply with the rules, ethics, and responsibilities of society.
  • Persons who can speak enough Turkish.
  • Persons with an income and jobs to live on for dependent persons on yourself.
  • People who don't prevent national security and public order.

Opening The Turkish Citizenship File And Documents That Must Be In The File,

  • Turkish identity application must be made in person,
  • Application form and petition,
  • Document showing citizenship of the country or passport, a document showing this for stateless persons.
  • Identification document or birth certificate,
  • Proof documents of family ties of spouses and children for married persons,
  • Certificate of marital status. Marriage certificate, divorce certificate, death certificate of wife or husband.
  • Turkish citizen first or second-degree family relatives documents,
  • Health certificate from the Ministry of Health,
  • People proof an income and jobs to live on for dependent persons on yourself, work permit, tax plate or a document,
  • Evidence of 5 years continuous residence in Turkey, entry and exit dates written document from the police department. You can look at “ www.propertytr.com ” to buy new housing. This website has many options; residences, offices, houses, business centers. You can check out the housings of Istanbul, Bursa, Antalya, Sapanca, Yalova, and Trabzon.
  • Permanent residence permit,
  • A criminal record or similar document,
  • If the month and day of birth are not present, the document obtained from the competent authority. A signed statement of acceptance by law if the document is not provided,
  • A voucher showing the cost of service.

Documents to be obtained from the Police Department;

  • At the approval stage, it is called by the police department for fingerprinting and for the interview,
  • İnvestigation document by the police.

Citizenship review commission meeting;

  • Married persons whose spouses are Turkish should attend the meeting with their spouses. The commission explores whether it is a real marriage. A person who marries a Turkish citizen must be married stay for at least 3 years and continuous. Persons who meet these conditions can gain Turkish citizenship.
  • People who want to gain Turkish citizenship ‘’whether it meets the requirements, pedigree status, Turkish speaking proficiency, livelihood, accommodate harmony to Turkey's social life’’ with the relevant interview is made.
  • Pedigree status; Turkish pedigree, the other pedigree, non-pedigree.
  • Interviews with those who cannot speak or hear are conducted through those who understand their signs. Interviews with those who cannot speak or hear are conducted in writing if they can read and write.

Arrival Of The Decision;

  • As a result of the research, the file of the foreigner that is found to meet the requirements sought sent to the Ministry.
  • As a result of the research, the file of the foreigner that is not found to meet the requirements sought doesn’t send to the Ministry.
  • The acquisition of Turkish citizenship through marriage is written on the interview form.
  • Turkish Identity Application is completed.

Exception status;

  • Turkey in the economic, social, sporting, cultural, scientific, technological, artistic area of outstanding service to the persons, they found in the proposal to want to be Turkish citizen is accepted by the ministry. The person who meets any of the following conditions can acquire citizenship by the proposal of the Ministry and the decision of the Council of Ministers within the scope of the law;
  1. Persons determined by the Ministry of Economy that they have invested at least USD 2 million in fixed capital,
  2. Persons who have purchased at least $ 1 million in immovable property and have not been sold real estate in the land registry records for three years and have been identified by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization,
  3. Persons who create employment for at least 100 persons and who are identified by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security,
  4. Persons identified by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency, Persons along with the requirement to hold at the bank in Turkey 3 years at least 3 million US Dollars those who put.
  5. Persons who have purchased at least USD 3 million from government debt instruments, have been required to hold them for three years and are determined by the Undersecretariat of Treasury,
  6. Individuals who have received at least 1,5 million USD of venture capital investment fund or real estate investment fund participation share and have been required to hold them for three years have been determined by the Capital Markets Board.
  • Those who obtain a residence permit in accordance with the Foreigners and International Protection Act, people with turquoise card own and their family.
  • Persons deemed necessary to be citizenship.
  • Persons of Turkish descent who are recognized as immigrants under the Settlement Law.
  • The Ministry refuse the requests of those who are in a position to constitute an obstacle in terms of national security and public order.
  • The Ministry of Interior shall carry out the application for exceptional citizenship.
  • T.R.N.C. citizens who apply for citizenship of the Republic of Turkey to won to be Turkish citizens, if they declare in writing their wish to acquire citizenship of the Republic of Turkey.
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