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Something About Turkey Citizenship By Investment Process

Something About Turkey Citizenship By Investment Process

If it is your dream to get a turkey citizenship by investment process, don't wait. You will be mistaken to worry that it will be nerve-wracking to go through the hassle of the citizenship acquiring process. Read along, and this article will smoothly guide you through the Turkish citizenship acquisition process with due diligence.


A brief timeline for turkey citizenship by investment process:

The process of citizenship acquirement in Turkey is very smooth and hassle-free. You can finish your property investment within 1 to 3 weeks, and your documents will be prepared in a time span of 4-6 weeks. You get the residence permit within 4 weeks of submitting your application. But, you will need a minimum time of 8 weeks to get hold of the citizenship approval.

Let us elaborate it for you:

  1. Preparation of documents: You will need a minimum of 4 to 6 weeks to prepare all the documents. You have an option to visit Turkey, or you can leave it out. But you have to notarize and follow up on your documents.

Here is a list of the documents that you need to have:

  • Passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Health insurance
  • Power of attorney
  • Marriage certificate
  1. Completion of investment: This takes at least 2 to 3 weeks. The whole process will include funds transfer and end with you getting an investment confirmation of 3 years holding period.
  2. Permit of residence: You must have a time of at least 4 to 5 weeks for this. Though the residence permit process is simple, the officials will only complete the procedure within the given time frame.
  3. Citizenship application: The application process takes up to 8-12 weeks to conclude. No oath is required. You simply apply for it and acquire the citizenship
  4. Passport acquisition. For turkey citizenship by investment process, the time needed from your application for a passport for to you getting hold of the passport is a minimum of 4 weeks for

Know the criteria to get turkey citizenship by investment process:

Making turkey your second home is probably the most comfortable thing that you will ever do. But, being a foreign investor, you have to meet a few criteria to get Turkish citizenship by investment. On a positive notice, you are free to invest in more than one property in Turkey. You are entitled to invest in commercial or residential property and use it for rental income. You have to wait for three years before you can sell your property in Turkey.

The criteria that you have to adhere to are:

  • You have to spend an investment amount of approximately a minimum of USD 250,000 for property acquisitions.
  • Buying government bonds worth USD 500,000 is another mandate for foreign investors
  • You have to deposit approximately USD 500,000 in the Turkish banks
  • You have to create a minimum of 50 jobs

The benefits you will enjoy with turkey citizenship by investment process

Have a look at the amazing benefits you get to enjoy with turkey citizenship by investment process:

  • You get to enjoy the state pension, free healthcare facilities and free education.
  • Turkey is safe and secured and has sight standards of living.
  • You can have dual citizenship.
  • No residency is needed.
  • All Turkish properties are freehold properties
  • You do not have to declare worldwide income and assets in other countries
  • You can travel without a visa to almost 100 other countries that include countries like Japan, Brazil, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and many others
  • You even get the right to vote in Turkey
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