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Tips For Earning Real Estate Investment In Turkey!

Tips For Earning Real Estate Investment In Turkey!


Tips For Earning Real Estate Investment!

Today we will be sharing the tips on Turkey real estate market and investment!

The need to have a home arises day by day. Today's housing requirement has changed the concept of real estate, taking place at the head of the socio-economic sectors. The housing has been seen as an investment tool for many years alongside the housing function.

In the current economic conditions, the high yield profit margin in the house with many different structural factors has gained momentum in a different direction years later.

In our country, significant price changes are experienced in recent years. However, the housing price index of these price changes in Turkey, the analysis period, studied the local market and political conditions needed to know the criteria that vary according to the selected price adjustment. When the housing prices are examined according to periods, there are decreases. In this respect, first of all we should not forget:

Whether it is a housing, a foreign exchange or another economic instrument, it is done while investing. So you do not invest in a very high price. On the contrary, it should be taken at a very reasonable price so that you can make a profit even if the price reaches normal levels.

Investment Housing

That is why the concept of ”investment housing’’ is formed. In any case, a housing needs to have some criteria to be used for investment purposes. Let's take a look at some important points for the investment in housing.

When buying a real estate, not for investment or not, the title deed is your biggest guarantee and therefore the official paper that you must first examine.

You have the right to question the legal status of the house, as well as your roadmap for an investment housing. Working with a professional real estate consultant for detailed research can be reliable and save you time.

Is the big house a big investment?

The bigger the house is, the better its understanding of investment opportunities in Turkey is not accurate. In particular, 3 + 1 and 4 + 1 houses are highly priced at the time of purchase, but are not effective at this rate. So you don't have to take a big house. For example, if you find 2 suitable 1 + 1 houses at 4 + 1 price and the rent of two provides a higher return than 4 + 1, you don't necessarily need to buy a big house for investment!

 Don't say dues

Imagine buying a comfortable home for investment. You do not intend to rent this property but you intend to sell it but you have to consider the high dues of that comfortable site. Moreover, why not pay a high fee for a place where you will not live, enjoy comfort? At first it seems insignificant, but high dues form a serious pen over time.


It is very centrally located, it is difficult to find the place of investment in an area where prices are seated. More precisely, no investment is made in such a place. The place to invest should be a developing region.

Features such as being metro or coming soon, proximity to hospital and schools will have a direct impact on the return on your investment. The rental value of the houses in such places also increases continuously.

 Rental Income

Buying a high-priced home does not guarantee that its rent will be high. If you are going to make a rent investment, you have to invest by considering the rental multiplier. For example, suppose you buy a house for 300,000 TL.

If you have an annual rental income of 15,000 TL, this housing is called for 20 years. In our country, if we consider that the depreciation period in the big cities is almost 30-35, which is growing considerably, we can understand that such houses do not constitute a good investment opportunity for rent. The time to pay for the rent investment must be 20-22 year old houses and perhaps lower-term dwellings.

We hope after reading this article you have an answer to question – Is buying home in Turkey a good investment and found out what you should be looking for when investing in one.

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