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Secrets To Hiring The Best Turkish Citizenship By Investment Lawyer

Secrets To Hiring The Best Turkish Citizenship By Investment Lawyer

The easy Turkish citizenship acquisition process allures citizens from all around the world. Since 2018, Turkey has opened its doors to people from different countries to apply for citizenship by property investment. The process sure is easy and takes about a few months to get processed. However, what you need to know is that there can be several problems other than the processes involved, and that is what makes hiring turkish citizenship by investment lawyer an absolute necessity.

One of the significant problems that foreign citizens face is the language barrier. When it comes to choosing a property that costs over 250,000 USD, you need to make sure that you understand and are satisfied with everything. However, if you can’t understand the mode of communication, it becomes super difficult to comprehend the situation and take a call. Therefore, the best way is to hire an investment lawyer, who will not only help you communicate but also guide you in the various legal procedures that are involved in the citizenship acquisition process.

Let us look at the more common and complex mistakes you can make if you are not guided by a knowledgeable investment lawyer.


Expert turkish citizenship by investment lawyer helps you avoid foreign investors

According to Turkish citizenship by investment law, you need to buy a property worth at least 250,000 USD from Turkish nationals to be eligible to apply for citizenship. However, many foreign citizens without proper knowledge end up buying properties from foreign people or foreign real estate companies.

Turkey has become a hub of several international real estate companies. So, you need to do adequate research before investing in property to become eligible for citizenship.

Only with the help of someone who knows the law and the Turkish real estate market that you can invest in properties owned by Turkish citizens. So, it is best to hire turkish citizenship by investment lawyer who can handhold you at every step so that your quarter of a million dollars of investment is not wasted or you do not face any hassles.

Again, if do not have anyone to guide you, you may end up facing trouble with the transfer of payment and deed. As stated in the Turkish citizenship by investment, the date of actual payment and the deed transfer should be the same, and the transaction should happen between the customer, that is, the foreign citizen, and the property owner with no one in between.

If you invest in property for citizenship acquisition, you may have gone through all the rules and the laws. However, as the investment involves a hefty amount of money, you should hire an investment lawyer who knows all the processes and can explain them to you. At the same time, you can avoid the language barrier, wrong transactions, or any other problem.

With turkish citizenship by investment lawyer, prepare for citizenship in months

If you don’t wish to invest in property in Turkey, you discuss the other options with your turkish citizenship by investment lawyer. You can go for cash investment as well as employment generation to acquire citizenship. You can invest a minimum of 500,000 USD and become eligible for Turkish citizenship. Buy government bonds, fixed assets, or deposit half a million dollars in the bank to apply for citizenship. You can also employ at least fifty Turkish citizens in a company that you set up there to qualify for citizenship.

No matter which investment type you choose, be sure to discuss your needs with an investment lawyer to know which investment fits your needs and lifestyle the best.

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