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How to Get Turkish Citizenship

How to Get Turkish Citizenship

How to get Turkish citizenship and what are the conditions for becoming a Turkish citizen? What laws and regulations should you consider when to apply for Turkish citizenship? If you are not going to buy property, what are the conditions of being a Turkish citizen under normal conditions? How many years in Turkey you are required to reside as you can access our article to answer your questions.

Turkish citizenship is generally acquired in two ways; by birth and afterwards

Acquisition of Citizenship by Birth 

Turkish citizenship acquired by birth is obtained at birth. And from the moment of birth all citizenship rights are acquired. The acquisition of Turkish citizenship by birth depends on the family tree or the place of birth.

Acquiring Turkish Citizenship with Family Link

Citizenship acquired through family ties is the acquisition of the nationality of the parent or father of the Turkish citizen to whom the child is bound by family ties at birth. In order for the child to gain Turkish citizenship by lineage, only one of the parents at the time of birth is a Turkish citizen. Being a foreign mother or father or being born abroad does not prevent the child from becoming a Turkish citizen.

Children born out of wedlock:

  •  From the moment of birth the main Turkish citizen,
  •  If the father is a Turkish citizen, they become a Turkish citizen by recognizing their paternity or making paternity decisions in court.

Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship by Place of Birth

Since citizenship of children born in Turkey, was born the following reasons they were born in other countries, they gained Turkish citizenship. This is because the child's parents are vague, stateless and cannot acquire citizenship in accordance with national law.

Until it is proven in Turkey will emerge in Turkey was accepted by children. Children who cannot express themselves because of their age is under 18 are registered by the authorities in the population records of their place of residence.

Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship Afterwards

There are three main different ways to learn how to get Turkish citizenship afterwards.

Acquisition of Turkish citizenship by decision of competent authorities

Acquisition of Turkish citizenship through the competent authorities takes place in 4 different ways. You can reach the question of how to become a Turkish citizen in the continuation of our article.

  •  Acquisition of Turkish citizenship in general way,
  • Acquisition of Turkish citizenship as an exception,
  • Reacquisition of Turkish citizenship,
  •  Acquisition of Turkish citizenship through marriage.

Details of the acquisition of how to get Turkish citizenship are as follows:

Acquisition of Turkish citizenship in general way

The following conditions are required for general acquisition of Turkish citizenship:

  •  He or she must have its own national law or, if stateless, have adult and discriminatory power in accordance with the Turkish Civil Law no- 4721.
  •  After having been in the Turkish citizenship application, it must have resided continuously for five years in Turkey.
  •  The person who decided to move to Turkish citizenship in Turkey should buy immovable property, should set up a business, invest, work on Turkey to be transported. Or should work over a business, subject to a work permit, with his family in Turkey must reside or be married to a Turkish citizen, the main ones previously acquired Turkish citizenship, father, sister or should not have children, training must be completed in Turkey.
  •  To apply for Turkish citizenship, they must not have a general health hazard.
  •  Good morality,
  •  To be able to speak Turkish sufficiently,
  •  Revenues to ensure the livelihood of himself and nobody is obliged to have a look at Turkey or profession,
  •  They should not have any obstacles in terms of national security and public order.

Acquisition of Turkish citizenship as an exception,

Foreigners, whose conditions are stated below, may acquire Turk citizenship according to the Council of Ministers and the proposal of the Ministry, regardless of the other conditions required for the acquisition of Turkish citizenship, provided that there is no obstacle in terms of national security and public order:

  •  People who set up industrial facilities in Turkey or technological scientific, social- economics, cultural, artistic and sporting areas of outstanding service to the people and the people who made the offer reasoned in ministries rights may be Turkish citizens.
  •  According to the Settlement Law, persons accepted as immigrants can be Turkish citizens.
  •  Persons deemed necessary by the Council of Ministers to acquire Turkish citizenship due to the necessity of international relations and the interests of our country or for any reason may be Turkish citizens.

Reacquisition of Turkish Citizenship

Persons who have lost their Turkish citizenship for any reason can regain their Turkish citizenship in two ways:

Reacquisition Turkish Citizenship without Residence Requirement

Provided that the following conditions are specified person will not preclude a state of national security in terms of residency requirement in Turkey without seeking Turkish citizenship can be regained with the decision of the Ministry of the Interior:

  •  Those who lose Turkish citizenship by getting permission to quit,
  •  Those who lose their Turkish citizenship against their will or will not exercise their right to vote within three years of their maturity.

In this way, it is possible for the people who live abroad and get Turkish citizenship by duly leaving their citizenship.

Reacquisition Turkish Citizenship on the Condition of Residence

According to Article 29 of the Law of Turkish citizenship to those who have caused to lose a state that will be an obstacle in terms of national security and subject to three years of residence in Turkey can re-acquire Turk citizenship by the Council of Ministers.

Turkish citizenship by using the right to choose not to have a state of the losers will be an obstacle in terms of national security and subject to three years of residence in Turkey can re-acquire Turk citizenship by decision of the Ministry.

Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship through Marriage

Marriage with a Turkish citizen does not directly confer Turkish citizenship. In order to be able to claim Turkish citizenship due to marriage with a Turkish citizen, the applicant must have been married to a Turkish citizen for at least three years at the time of application and must continue to be married. When these conditions are met, the person is entitled to apply only to Turkish citizenship.

In the event of the prerequisites listed above, the spouse who is married to a Turkish citizen shall have the right to apply to the competent authorities to obtain Turkish citizenship by means of marriage.

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