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Sakarya Begins To Attract the Interest of Foreign Investors

Sakarya Begins To Attract the Interest of Foreign Investors

Foreign investors in Sakarya have increased considerably in recent years. Sakarya is a city with a lot of natural beauty. Especially Sapanca district attracts much attention. If you want to find peace, Sapanca is for you. Each season has views that give you peace of mind.

Sapanca, with its abundant forest, welcomes you with a magnificent view in the spring. Cool in the hot summer months. Sakarya is a city that is constantly developing and receiving immigration. Therefore, investment in Sakarya has attracted a lot of attention recently.


You Should Buy Property in Sapanca

Foreign investors in Sapanca are increasing day by day. Investors are curious about this place with natural beauties and they are very interested as they research. There are too many reasons to buy real estate in Sapanca. Some of these reasons are:

  1. People are interested because of its proximity to Istanbul.
  2. Natural beauty is quite high. If you want to find peace, Sapanca is for you. Lake, plateau, ski resort can be found here.
  3. The number of tourists visiting Sapanca is increasing day by day. This attracts the attention of investors.
  4. There are orchards, fresh air, delicious fish and many other beauty.

Transportation in Sakarya

Sakarya is ambitious in maritime transport. The train, which reduces the distance between Ankara and Istanbul, passes through Sakarya. You can easily go from Sapancan to Istanbul using the TEM motorway. You can go to Ankara only 3 hours. There are buses from almost all cities to Sapanca.

Arabs Prefer Sapanca

It is possible to see the most Arabs as foreigners in Sapanca in recent years. The number of Arabs living and investing in Sakarya is increasing day by day. Luxurious villas are built especially in Arab places.

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