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Requirements While Opting For Turkish Citizenship by Investment Documents     

Requirements While Opting For Turkish Citizenship by Investment Documents     

A luxurious seaside travel destination, Bodrum is one of the most famous cities in Turkey. It is known for having an extremely pleasant weather, and is also considered of being the hub of glitz and glamor. Most people who opt for a turkish citizenship by investment documents related to proficient real estate programs choose Bodrum as the city to buy their property.


How Did Turkish Citizenship by Investment Documents Come To Play

Before the idea of getting a Turkish citizenship by investment documents appeal you, you need to first understand how this program originated and came to existence. In 2016, when Turkey was a victim of nefarious terror attacks, its economy suffered a massive blow. With tourism rates dropping to the ground and surplus real estate sitting still, the entire financial front of Turkey was stagnant.

In order to recuperate from their handicapped situation, Turkey decided to sell some of their expensive inventories to Middle East. Although they were financially loaded, people from the Middle East possessed quite mediocre passports. Thus, when they were welcomed by a second passport from Turkey, it was received by Middle East with great positivity. This gave rise to the idea of Turkey Citizenship by an Investment program.

Criteria for Getting Your Turkish Citizenship by Investment Documents

Getting your turkish citizenship by investment documents is one of the easiest ways. It is an attractive method that is surely going to attract those who are interested in investing. Getting a Turkish citizenship via real estate programs help you get a second passport based in Turkey.

If you are looking to settle down in Turkey and want your very own Turkish citizenship through investment programs, then below are certain requirements for you to adhere to:

  • You as an investor must have a valid passport.
  • In order to get enrolled for this program you must be above 18 years.
  • You also must hold a clean record with no prior criminal charges to be permitted for the scheme.

The above mentioned criteria are a very crucial part of the entire citizenship process. If you do not fall under even two of the three criterions, your registration will not get approved. Only when you adhere to all can you move forward with the program. To get your Turkish citizenship, you need to possess certain documents that require careful assessment before you can start investing in Turkish properties. The documents required are:

  • A copy of your birth certificate
  • A copy of your marital status
  • A copy of your original passport
  • Your recent pictures, along with your family members’
  • Receipts of any wire transfers made by you
  • An address proof provided by a governmental institution
  • Power of attorney granted
  • Applications given to you during the process must be filled

Perks of Having a Turkish Passport

Turkey has become the most popular country for offering investment opportunities in return for Turkish citizenship, embodying a quid pro quo relationship. Availing your turkish citizenship by investment documents related to real estate presents you with a Turkish passport. This gives you a complete medical right along with pension programs. As you become a part of Turkey due to your citizenship, you also can exercise the right to free education and also to vote.

Having a Turkish passport in itself has a lot of benefits. Your Turkish passport allows you to travel to the United States of America and the United Kingdom, and work there as a Turkish citizen. Once you become a Turkish citizen, your citizenship gets passed on to your family and is not just restricted to you alone. It also grants you with visa-free travel options that involve more than 77 countries.

This is an attractive deal waiting to happen!

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