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Make Your Life Better By Purchasing Property From Antalya!

Make Your Life Better By Purchasing Property From Antalya!

You must have seen that all the people who purchasing property for sale in Antalya and started living in Antalya were satisfied with their lives, did not encounter any stressful situations, and led a comfortable life. Antalya, which has the best properties you can buy in Turkey, is surrounded by the sea and it is hot in all seasons, so you can easily swim on any day of any period of the year. Moreover, if there is a pool in the properties you will buy, you can have more than one option. If you want to make your life more luxurious but do not know how to do it, take a look at our Real Estate Antalya projects!


What Should You Consider When Buying Property in Antalya?

Antalya, where people who are fond of the sea and enjoy the warm weather, want to buy a house, is full of different houses with various features. We have listed the important points that you should pay attention to when buying a property for you so that you can find out which of these houses or which one is the house you need and want to buy. After carefully reading and understanding this list, you will be a few steps closer to reaching the home that suits both your needs and dreams!

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  • The most important point you should pay attention to when buying a property is the location so that you should carefully examine the area where the house you want to buy is located and after this review, you should decide whether you want to buy the house or not. If you plan to continue working after purchasing that house, you should be able to reach your work easily from your home. Since the transportation lines in Antalya can be learned quite easily, although you will not have any problems with transportation, you need to decide what kind of street you want to live on. Do you want to live on busy streets or in a green chalet?
  • When considering the size of the house you will buy, you should decide by taking into account the size of the garden if any. The size, which can affect the usage characteristics and potentials of your home in many ways, can also be an important consideration for your privacy. You should also consider whether your belongings will fit in your home, and therefore whether they will fit in the home you want to buy. Who wants to throw away their stuff for nothing?
  • Since the number of bedrooms needed and ideal changes as the number of members in the family changes, if you are planning to expand your future family further, you need to buy a house with the number of rooms suitable for your plans. If you have an extra bedroom, it is always the most logical to have houses with more bedrooms, as these rooms can also work for hosting guests or making an office room. Take a look at our houses in Real Estate Antalya projects instead of a house that is very narrow and you can barely fit!
  • Although the number of bathrooms may seem like an insignificant factor for most homeowners, some homeowners may want a private bathroom as they place great emphasis on their privacy and hygiene. If you find it uncomfortable that one bathroom is being used by too many people, it may make more sense to have more than one bathroom. You should also decide whether you want a tub or a small shower for the bathroom and have an idea of ​​the size of the bathroom. In some cases, you can also add extra bathrooms to homes, but only if you invest in a project under construction! By investing in our Real Estate Antalya projects, you can have the number of bathrooms you want and the way you want.
  • The layout of the kitchen will vary according to the number of people in your family and how much time you will spend in the kitchen. If you are someone who spends more time in the kitchen, you may need a more open kitchen layout and a larger kitchen. If you are not a person who cooks frequently, a small and closed kitchen will be enough for you. Invest in our Real Estate Antalya projects so that we can design the most suitable kitchen layouts for you!
  • If you are planning to change your house or buy a new house, you need to pay attention to how much the house you want to buy meets your needs. Another important thing to consider is the age of the house. While buying a property with older architecture has its appeal, you may need to do a lot of upgrading, repairs, and improvements to remodel the house. If your budget is limited and you want to save money, a new home will be the best fit for you. Our Real Estate Antalya projects, which consist of completely new houses, some of which are still under construction, maybe the most suitable projects for you!
  • If the house you just bought is previously used, you need to include the maintenance costs of this house in your budget. If it is a new house and there are some things you need to organize in your house, you should also set an extra budget for them. When these costs are added to the purchase price, which is the most determining factor in whether or not to buy a house, you may be close to giving up on buying a house. But don’t worry, we have a solution! We have payment plans of up to thirty-six months in our Real Estate Antalya projects.


Which Districts of Antalya Are the Most Suitable Districts for Buying Property?

Antalya is one of the most popular cities that foreign nationals prefer to buy property. Kepez and Alanya are the two most suitable districts to buy property in this city, which draws attention with its heat, sea, and nature. Read on to learn more about these counties!

Kepez: Kepez, one of the main central districts of Antalya, is a district where approximately six hundred thousand people live. Düden Waterfall, located within the borders of the Varlık municipality of this district, is a remarkable natural wonder that is flocked by tourists throughout the year. Antalya Intercity Bus Terminal is located in this district, where the light rail system providing transportation to the city center is also located. In addition to the zoo and picnic area in Kepez, it is also possible to watch the city view from the Masadagi and Kepezüstü regions. Turkey’s second-largest Atatürk Mask is also found in Kepezüstü. Take a look at our Real Estate Antalya projects to have a house in this district where there are many places to visit and transportation is at the best level!

Alanya: Alanya, which is 154 kilometers away from its first center and has a private airport called Alanya Gazipaşa Airport, is a town where approximately three hundred and fifty thousand people live. This district, which is in the form of a small peninsula, has been valued by important communities such as Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk, and Ottoman throughout history. Thanks to this value, it has historical places such as the Red Tower, the shipyard, and Alanya Castle. We can easily say that the winters are warm and the summers are hot in Alanya, which has a Mediterranean climate. Thirty percent of the properties purchased by foreign nationals in Turkey are located in Alanya. Don’t forget to invest in our Real Estate Antalya projects to own a house in this town, which has a wonderful sea and climate!

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Why Should You Prefer Antalya To Buy Property?

Antalya, which has become one of the most popular cities in Turkey preferred by foreigners to buy property, is also frequently preferred by foreigners during the tourism period. With the many developments brought by this popularity, Antalya has its own unique and beautiful features every day. Before buying a property in Antalya, you should hear about these features:

  • Antalya is warmer in every season of the year compared to other regions and provinces in Turkey. So much so that in the winter months, while people wear jackets and boots in the eastern regions, the sun warms you in Antalya. Likewise, when it comes to rain and winter in Istanbul, property owners living in Antalya can swim in the sea.
  • Being a cosmopolitan city, Antalya is home to many cultures from Eastern Europe to England, from the Middle East to Asia. Thanks to this cultural richness, it is possible to come across all kinds of restaurants, shops, concept bars, and workplaces in Antalya.
  • Antalya, which is one of the locations preferred by foreigners for real estate purchases, has become the most preferred city for property purchases, surpassing Istanbul. Foreign buyers can own a house in Antalya at a more affordable price compared to western countries.
  • With the ultra-modern airport in Antalya, it has become quite easy and inexpensive to come to Antalya from other countries. With this airport, which provides airport service to more than twenty thousand domestic and foreign passengers every year, you can return to your country whenever you want or come to Antalya whenever you want.
  • Since Antalya is a city that is developing, demanding, and growing day by day, many projects are planned in this region, and these projects are expected to attract more foreign tourists to the region. So much so that even the Tünektepe cable car, which has no deep-rooted history and was planned as a small project, hosted thousands of visitors.

After hearing about these beautiful features of Antalya, you may want to own a house in Antalya more, but you may not be able to trust real estate agents. We have made a lot of foreign tourists property owners with our Real Estate Antalya projects, and we continue to do so! Choose us to own a property in Antalya.

What are the Best Real Estate Antalya Projects?

Just read this thread to find out about our most popular and best projects!

Luxury Complex with an Area of More Than One Million Square Meters: These apartments, which are ready to be settled with nineteen thousand apartments, have been put up for sale as one-bedroom, two-bedroom, three-bedroom, and four-bedroom flats. This huge complex is suitable for family life and has apartments for every budget.

Luxury Residence with Large Houses: These residences, built on an area of five thousand square meters and having two hundred and four flats, are ready for settlement. The smallest of these apartments, which have many options, including one bedroom, two bedrooms, three bedrooms, four bedrooms, and five bedrooms, is seventy square meters and the largest one is three hundred thirty-seven square meters.7

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