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Pros and Cons of Owning A Rent Property in Bursa

Pros and Cons of Owning A Rent Property in Bursa

If you are non Turkish then you need to understand the process before owning a rent property in Bursa. There are many steps to get the best property in an affordable price. And if it’s your first time buying a property in foreign country then you must know what you might face. Even though, compare to other countries buying a property in Turkey is fairly easy, but still you must know some facts about it.

There are so many advantages of getting your own place in Turkey….

Income from renters of your rent property in Bursa

The best advantage of owing a rent property in Bursa is you will generate a monthly income without doing anything. If you rent your house for $1,000 then you will automatically obtain $12,000 yearly. Specially with the growing rate of Turkey real estate, the value of your rental property can increase each year.

Property value growth income from your rent property in Bursa

As said above if you bought the best rent property in Bursa, you will also get a value growth income. This happens because of the changing demands of the area. The best thing is the you won’t have renovate the property for it. So, you will not have to invest anything but still earn an increased amount. But in order to get this raise, you will need to own a property in a standard area where there is a possibility of increasing demand.

Sweat equity earning from your best rent property in Bursa

You can also buy a cheap rent property in Bursa and increase the renting amount by renovation. Let me put it simply, if you invest in your property such as decorate it, fix it and renovate it then you can increase the renting value of the property. Doing all these sweat work will not only increase the renting value but the property value itself.

Less responsibility to rent property in Bursa

Owning a rent property in Bursa is less responsibility. Little fixation task can be shared between the owner and tenant, so you won’t have worry about the little things as such when you have a tenant. And when it comes to redecorating and taking care of the property, you can always hire people who will look after that without your presence. So, all work can be done without your involvement or wasting your precious time.

Rent property in Bursa for your own holiday home

If you own a two story rent property in Bursa and rent only the ground floor, then you can use the upper floor for yourself. Having a holiday home has its own perks. You can spent your holidays in Bursa whenever you want and spent quality time with your friends and family. Plus, if you plan to move there, you will already have good income source to support it until you find a job settle there.

Cons of owning a rent property in Bursa

  • If you have a rental property in a foreign land, you must pay taxes and fees. It does not matter if you have people staying there or not, regardless that fact you must pay the cost.
  • Even the most well-structured property will need some kind of fixation after some period of time. And it is always better to take care of the property on a yearly basis to keep its value up. So, even though renting out a property doesn’t need that much of your time, some involvement and investment is still important.
  • Make sure that you are renting your rent property in Bursa to trusted people, who will not bring harm to house. There is nothing worse then having tenant on who you can’t trust.
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