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Property for sale in Yalova – Your dream home awaits you

Property for sale in Yalova – Your dream home awaits you

Property for sale in Yalova

Yalova is one of the most beautiful cities of Turkey, famous for its spa’s, sea and nature. Due to its proximity to Istanbul in terms of transportation, it is one of the regions that attracts the most tourists in all seasons. As such an impressive city, Property for sale in Yalova is also very interested. 

Yalova Properties

The fact that domestic and foreign tourists buy the most property in the city, real estate prices increase rapidly and cause them to be updated. The interest of construction companies in Yalova has been continuing for many years. Property projects in Yalova have been moved to a different dimension for the past few years. Even in Istanbul, it is very difficult to see, such these amazing projects in Yalova.

How is life at Yalova?

For Yalova, it is enough to say that it is a city where the sea and nature are intertwined, where many spa and social facilities are at the highest level for a healthy life. 20-30 years ago, it was known as "the city of retirees". But Property projects in Yalova changed this perception and contributed to Yalova to be a popular living area.

Invest in Yalova

 Property invest in Yalova will be the smartest thing to do. You can buy property not only for investment but also for enjoying during summer season. It is one of the rare cities where four seasons live at the same time. Yalova is very popular in terms of education, health and social activities. In health tourism, it is one of the best cities in the world. What more do you expect to invest in a city with such facilities? You can check out the project we reviewed for you below.

Transportation to Yalova

Yalova has many options for transportation. You can go to the city with land transportation, sea transportation and even airplane transportation. To reach by plane, you must first use Istanbul airport. 

How to reach to Yalova from Istanbul

There is a sea bus and ferry service from Istanbul. Having easy and fast transportation options is also an effective factor in increasing demand for Property for sale in Yalova. Yalova is the most central city in Turkey.

Buy property in Yalova

You have many reasons to Buy property in Yalova. You can earn high profits in a very short time, choose a comfortable life and live in Yalova or enjoy a wonderful holiday in the summer months. Before you make your purchase, review the Property for sale in Yalova advertisements There are dozens of real estate projects prepared for Yalova and all of them are different from each other. To buy real estate from Yalova, Istanbul consulting and real estate companies can also help you. Because their portfolios are quite large. 

Investment opportunity in Yalova


Property prices in Yalova

As you know Property prices in Yalova vary depending on what you want and your budget. You can buy property from 40,000 to 100,000 dollars. Prices are on average. The old buildings are replaced by new and equipped technology-friendly buildings. As the quality of Housing and the social possibilities it offers are increased, the prices in housing projects vary accordingly. You will appreciate that some real estate rules that apply to all over the World, apply to Yalova too. For example, the price of a house with a sea view, or the price of a house with a lot of rooms, can be higher than the standard. Location, quality of material used during construction, proximity to the center and social activity areas around it have an impact on price determination. Before the price, there are more important things to consider. Consider the material and moral positive effects of the property you will buy in the future.

Best property projects in Yalova

Among the Yalova property projects we searched for you, we found a great Project. It Impressed us very much and we thought you would also like it. This project, named "Sea View Flats in Yalova", is a great project that deserves the first place in Best property projects in Yalova. 

Sea view flats in yalova

This project, built in Yalova – Cinarcik area, is among the best projects of Yalova. It has many extras such as outdoor cinema, swimming pool, cafes and restaurants, playgrounds and parking. 


Lifestyle investment in Yalova

You can live or invest in this beautiful region with your family until the end of your life. 1 + 1, 2 + 1 and 3 + 1 houses in the form of this project, very big discount and flexible payment plans are available. Do not miss this great opportunity to live and invest in Yalova!


Here is the video of the project in Yalova, Its in Arabic;





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