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Housing sector from past to our day

Housing sector from past to our day

When the main agenda items of the United Nations are examined; housing, environment and global climate change, energy, water are at the top. As in the World, this agenda has also a great importance in Turkey as well.

Considering current Turkey's young and dynamic population, 65% of the population under the age of 35 and every year population is growing %1,5-%2. This situation of Turkey is also important key issue to take into our consideration for the balance of housing demand.

Housing policies carried out through cooperative in the 1970s went to different directions after 2003 and lower income projects through TOKİ, social housing projects and middle-income projects together with Emlak Konut, one of the subsidiaries of TOKİ, were developed. This process was supported by the income generated from middle-income projects developed by Real Estate Housing and by the acquisition of land from TOKİ and the realization of social housing projects with the income from land sales. But although Turkey in the last 15 years, 7 million housing units built even though the number of social housing that is only about 10% of this total, only 700 thousand. If we would like to reconsider this result, this figure is inadequate. When we look at Turkey's demography lower-middle income social housing projects a total of only 10%, as a result, we have obtained is supposed to cover at least 50 percent of the population. Today, Turkey is at this point in the agenda of a new housing policy is important to follow …

For the project production in a shorter period of time in the income group with a strong demand for housing, instead of the companies trying to develop and sell houses only for a certain project income group, the companies that are mostly organized more and more organized are also included in the middle low-income projects, it is very important to be encouraged.

When we look at the last 5 years, we see the highest housing sales figures. The sales started with 1 million 150 thousand and put 100 thousand thousand pieces each year, reaching 1 million 410 thousand houses this year. If we look at you day by day, we see an increase of 5.2%.

Housing sales in Turkey, approximately 55% from the second hand and 45% were from the first-hand housing.

We could see that first-hand home sales have risen as interest rates have fallen and access to mortgage lending has become easier. In the reality, this situation has led to a decrease in the sales circulation of all firms, which is the same income group. The development of projects that do not consider the balance of supply and demand in certain regions of the city and the licensing of these projects without regard to the supply-demand balance of the municipalities affected the sales prices negatively. This has led some companies to fail to complete their projects and even go bankrupt.

If we would take into consideration all these facts, Turkey needs to enter the new era with the new housing policy in the following days.


In this case, the private sector, related government departments and banks and financial institutions could come together to form a PPP (Public Private Partnership) -type business association model for land subsidies and project financing to better control. As an alternative solution, instead of the partial site production, producers could tend to technologically, socially and environmentally friendly satellite towns with the state incentives.


Author : Dilara Sur, Sales and Project Manager at Social Internet

In Social Internet, Dilara is responsible for HQ Sales
Operations in 15 countries and project management for international brands.

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